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Concrete Imprint Driveways

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Services: SEO, Website Design & Branding.


When looking for a local web company, Concrete Imprint Driveways were intrigued to see how Outrank could help them to take their already flourishing business further. Our experienced team were able to assist Concrete Imprint Driveways with both a new website and their marketing online.


How Did This Project Come About?

With over 15 years’ experience, Concrete Imprint Driveways is a renowned firm providing driveway installations across the North East. The family run business encompasses the same values into their services; ensuring an excellent reputation in the local area. After coming across Outrank and speaking to one of our account managers, Concrete Imprint Driveway’s director, Gary, decided to enlist the help of Outrank and we agreed to create a new website to truly make him an industry leader in the services he offers.

Based in Middlesbrough, Concrete Imprint Driveways has been providing work across the local and surrounding areas, specialising in concrete imprint driveways, resin bound driveways and a number of other services. With so many options for new driveway and patio installations, Gary was keen to take things to the next level and expand his online customer base.



The Web Design and Development Process

One of the Outrank’s account managers worked closely with Gary, before passing the project on to the web development team. With the opportunity to create something unique, our team also ensured a responsive design and a rebrand of Concrete Imprint Driveways current branding.

The team also reviewed the company’s driveway services, along with Gary’s requirements and this helped to create the foundations for the website. Concrete Imprint Driveways required a design section, this was a virtual menu that displayed the many different types, styles, colours and materials of driveways that they provide.

Another big part of the website was the amount of call to action to drive more enquiries. Gary sought advice from our team who recommended including a ‘Free Survey’ form on the site. This form allows customers to include their details and the service they’re interested in.

As the work they provide is very visual, it was vital to include a range of professional imagery across the site, helping to present their portfolio of work to potential customers. The overall design needed to be appealing, bold, yet easy to use for both desktop and mobile customers.

The website’s content was written by our SEO team who worked closely alongside Gary to make sure that the content portrays the right message and was reflective of the driveway services that he offers.



The SEO Project

SEO was at the heart of Concrete Imprint Driveway’s campaign. We worked closely throughout the project to ensure the website focused around the core services and the areas that could be covered. We started by building out core service pages based around the primary location of Middlesbrough.

From here we would work on building out these services across a multitude of locations across the North East and North Yorkshire. But we didn’t just provide content, whilst the new website was in the build we turned our focus to link building. Sourcing authoritative links from competitors and look at guest posting placements that fell within his topical niche.



We Delivered With Results

Gary was looking for a visual website, that portrayed his services while growing his online presence. Outrank took the challenge and delivered on results. The new website has seen a huge growth in number one ranking positions and as a result of this enquiries are on the up too. We are passionate about what we do and our aim is to deliver first-class results from both a design and search perspective. If you have a project in mind, then why not let us take you further online, just get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling.