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MBHR – The Perfect Blend of Website Design & SEO

MBHR - The Perfect Blend of Website Design & SEO 1



Services: SEO, Website Design.


We had worked with MBHR for a number of years and over this time, we had developed a close working relationship with Emma; the company director. Before working with us MBHR already had a website, however, it was far from a talking point and wasn’t the easiest to navigate.

MBHR is a local HR consultancy company based in the North East, and they were already quite well established in the business community. One day we got talking about where MBHR wanted to be and we pitched a new website and an SEO campaign to back it up. From that point onwards, it was all systems go and we wasted no time in getting down to business.


Planning & Preparation For The Future

Whilst we were firing on all cylinders, that didn’t mean we rushed the project it means we got down with the planning first. Before we even looked or thought about what the website should look like, we needed to plan what pages and content was required first.

We spoke with Emma about what her biggest services were and what we really needed to be pushing. Once we had a completed list, we built out a content plan that entailed detailed keyword research; covering main, phrase, related, semantic and LSI terms.


Developing Reflective Content

Many people feel that content writing is an easy task, you just bang keywords on a page right? Wrong! Our SEO team develop reflective content that suits both search and the client it’s being used for. As HR and its related services are quite niche topics, we wanted to make sure what we were putting on the page was right.

Fusing Emma’s knowledge with our keyword research and writing skills, allowed us to produce website content that not only got Google reading it but her clients too. As soon as we’d nailed the content, the next step was how the website should look and feel.


A Site For Search

One of the biggest goals of the project was to develop a website that looked great and performed well in the SERPS. Professional websites are what we are good at, but MBHR just needed a clean, fresh and modern approach. Our web team created a basic template outline that could be tweaked and worked upon to suit the client.

However, the project wasn’t delivered by our web team but our search department. One of the biggest downsides to the last website was the lack of images and how the website was put together. So, when it came to the new website, everything was changed but the branding.

MBHR already used quite warm and inviting colours and combining this with some professional-looking imagery, really took the website to the next level. Its clean and crisp design alongside some well-written content really gave MBHR the upper hand against their competition.


Skyrocketing Results

Whenever we deliver on a project we always expect to see results and MBHR really did take us by surprise. Within a week of the website going live, we achieved over 90 number 1 positions in the SERPS and over 100 additional terms within the top 10. It’s safe to say we were astounded with what we had managed to achieve, we never doubt our abilities but even we are taken by surprise from time to time.

From that moment onward there has been no slowing down and the door was wide open for what we could achieve next. So? Well, we didn’t stop there and why would we, with such a strong working relationship and well-performing website the only way we could go, was up.


Going Further with Outrank

MBHR is now on a monthly SEO campaign with the goal to push those positions still in the top 10 even further. We work closely with Emma on a month to month basis to ensure both our goals are aligned, ensuring success for our campaign and her business. Do you have a website that isn’t ranking well or doesn’t look too great? Then what are you waiting for? Give us a call, and we’ll take both your business and website further.