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Spray Foam Equipment – Building A Presence Online



Services: SEO.

When we came across Spray Foam Equipment, they were a relatively new business. Spray Foam Equipment had no real online presence and that’s where we could help. We needed to get the foundations right and this started with our initial local products; Google My Business, Bizify, Bing and Apple Maps. These helped us to gain quick ground locally with Spray Foam Equipment and our next step was to build on this brand with a website.

A fresh new website meant we could build from the ground up, however as with all new businesses budget can be limited and the client chose one of our template designs. This meant we could quickly build Spray Foam Equipment’s online presence with a website that did what it needed to do and one that cam with all of the SEO fundamentals in place. Below we’ll cover what the Outrank team did to help Spray Foam Equipment.

A New Website For A New Business

A template doesn’t mean it’s the same as everyone else, it just means the basics are the same and we work on building it out from there. Spray Foam Equipment wanted a website that was clear, provided detailed information and was easy to use for their clients. As a service-based website, it meant we had to create something that was content-heavy but didn’t detract from the design either.

We sourced a range of high quality images that reflected exactly what the client did and produced content based on the information our client gave us. Using the client’s information and combining it with our SEO experience meant we could produce content that reflected the client and was search-friendly too. All of our template website designs come with a good base level of SEO to help quickly build a presence online.


Getting The SEO Foundations Right

A website without SEO, is like going to a restaurant without food, it simply wouldn’t be fit for purpose. That’s why at Outrank, we provide a base level of SEO with our websites to help give your business the best chance online. When it came to the SEO on Spray Foam Equipment’s website, we worked closely with the client to ensure we fully understood his business and the services and equipment we offered.

A good working relationship allowed us to produce highly relevant content that reflected the target niche and Google. In addition to just content, we also ensure the website is correctly formatted with the right heading tags and meta data. When the Spray Foam Equipment website was ready to go live, we ensured it the XML sitemap was submitted to Google Search Console and that each page was also individually fetched.

Gaining Online Visibility Through SEO

Straight off the back of being a website client, Spray Foam Equipment came on board for a monthly SEO campaign. With the aim to rank nationally for a number of terms relating to spray foam and polyurethane. Before we start any campaign, we produce in-depth keyword research to ensure each page reflects the best key term. As we had already built the website we knew it had a solid technical foundation, so our two primary focuses were content and links.

While producing fresh new content on a monthly basis, we worked on building both citations and links that were topically relevant within the ‘Business/Construction and Maintenance’ niche. Within a short period of time, we had already started to see a number of key national terms gain traction such as ‘Polyurethane Spray Foam Equipment’ and ‘Spray Foam Rigs For Sale’; both of which have now reach the front page of Google nationally.

Build Your Presence Online With Outrank

If you’re considering launching a new business venture or have a website you’re looking to push online, then be sure to contact us today. Spray Foam Equipment has seen a huge spike in business since the website launch and the beginning of their SEO campaign. We can tailor websites and SEO campaigns to suit all industries and budgets. Our consultations are free and one of our experienced team is always on hand to assist.