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Evergreen Direct

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Evergreen Direct, a large online retailer and family run business based in North Yorkshire, was looking to see how they could improve their business presence online. They found Outrank and were intrigued to see how the digital marketing agency could help them to improve their online sales, keyword rankings and overall brand awareness. Here we take a look at how we supported the business’s growth online as well as their search engine results.


Evergreen Direct were happy with their current website but felt like it wasn’t converting as much as it should be, so we worked alongside them and put together an SEO strategy to help boost their online presence, Google rankings and online purchases. Evergreen Direct is an expert online retailer of artificial plants, they provide an extensive range of products all of which are available to purchase online from their website. Evergreen Direct are known for stocking the biggest selection of artificial greenery and plants, everything from hedges, to green walls to furniture, all products are made from the highest quality and standards.

The website was lacking content, so we decided to put together an SEO strategy that included relevant keywords and terms. We created fresh content for the sites category and product pages, the content was optimised by our SEO team, and it was important that the wording reflected the brand and services that Evergreen Direct provides. The pages were based on their products, top ranking keywords, related terms and competitor research. The content involved introducing new keywords and strong pieces of content to the site and to Google, this will help to overall provide strength to the site which will work towards targeting the main keywords and key terms for artificial plants.


The technical areas of the SEO plan for Evergreen Direct included a range of further technical optimisation work to the website itself. This involved making the website more responsive, our technical team worked on page, category and product design, this was to make Evergreen Direct’s site more user friendly.

We also worked on internal linking across the site, this involves linking product and category pages together. The links are provided to and from each page and will share strength across the pages, supporting keyword uplifts and ranking in Google.

Link Outreach

The link outreach plan of Evergreen Direct’s SEO project involved outreach to links that will help to improve the website’s current strength, as well as promote an overall positive effect on the site’s SERPs on Google. Outrank’s SEO team provided a link plan for Evergreen Direct’s website and after carrying out an assessment on their current link profile, we saw many opportunities where we could improve their link strength. The link outreach that we carried out included citations and paid links.

The team at Outrank Agency researched and submitted a number of citations to support Evergreen Direct, the local and niche citations that we built aim to help to improve the brand’s presence across the web as well as support referral traffic. When it comes to paid links, this includes national directories submissions, they are designed to improve the business’s presence across the web and also aim to support referral traffic. The paid links that we submitted and acquired will also improve the overall domain metrics – trust and citation flow.

Link outreach aims to help to improve a website’s organic visibility on Google as well as in the SERPs and also to increase visibility and help to attract more qualified traffic, which will increase leads and online enquiries.


Evergreen Direct were looking to take their business further, and they were pleased to come across Outrank Agency. They trusted the specialist team at Outrank and provided successful techniques to help improve the firm’s online visibility, rankings and brand awareness. After working closely with Evergreen Direct, this allowed us to go further and support the company’s online growth with responsive SEO strategies like link outreach. So what are you waiting for? Outrank can help grow your business online today!

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