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Top Marketing Tips for 2021

When it comes to marketing for your business, the majority of company sectors and industries will rely heavily on technology. Marketing techniques are ever changing and evolve quickly, it’s a challenging landscape and can be difficult to keep up with the best practices. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the best marketing tips and strategies:

Differentiate your business

The majority of marketing budgets won’t let businesses consider every tool and technique at once, with this in mind it’s important to consider your budget and what will provide you with the most return on investment. There are so many opportunities that will allow you to diversify your strategy, first things first research your audience – what are they looking for, what do they want? You can identify any niche sub channels or categories including social media groups. When you have done this, you can then diversify your overall strategy, while knowing that the payoff will be worth the investment.

Consider paid social marketing

Over 86% of social media marketers use Facebook ads, the platform’s advertising revenue is constantly growing. Paid advertising options are also available on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other mediums. With this in mind social media platforms are amending their algorithms and making it clear to brands that paid promotion is an essential, especially when it comes to visibility. Should you want your social media strategy to maintain or gain momentum, then using social is vital.

Improve your existing content

Most marketers will now know that they will need to create a lot of content in order to build a traffic base, they tend to focus on creating fresh new content, which isn’t a bad thing, however you should consider rejigging your existing content. You should consider your competitors and how they are using their content, as well as the latest trends and updates in content optimisation.

We recommend these steps when assessing your content:

  • Find your most popular content and use this research to create future pieces of content.
  • Update old content, you can include new visuals, data and research or new and more effective content.
  • Establish the old content, you could put it into an infographic or a video. You could even turn it into a series of blog posts or reports.


Consumers tend to consider recommendations from their peers when it comes to making purchases, as a business, your own customers are a very powerful resource, especially when it comes to reaching new audiences and driving conversions. You should make sure that you are making the most of your brand advocates and are creating campaigns to help improve and spread the message. You could offer your customers rewards or referrals, something to keep branding and momentum going.

User experience

By creating a message focused on your target audience, this is only the first step, it doesn’t matter how good your content is, it won’t drive conversions without great user experience. You should make sure that you are constantly testing and optimising for user experience towards driving new goals. This can also cover improving your site’s speed and navigation (this can be done through your website hosting providers), as well as making sure that your website is designed to be mobile friendly and is optimised for use on multiple devices.

Connecting online and offline strategies

When it comes to creating a customer experience online, more companies are using in person events to help influence audiences and drive new sales, they may think of them as different from online marketing. In order to get the most out of in person marketing, you will need to identify the steps that you want potential customers to take after the event, for example this could be signing up for a free trial or email marketing.

Your authenticity

This tends to be one of our most important marketing practices, customers today are aware that the content businesses create is all agenda-driven. They’re not likely to respond positively to salesy content and with this in mind, brands will need to create better strategies in order to promote and build relationships. We think that one of the best ways to prioritise authenticity with your marketing is to create live content, you can host a live podcast or stream online.

Leave an impression

There’s only so many ways to promote your products and services through marketing, sometimes it can be worthwhile to think outside the box when it comes to telling stories and making your brand memorable. Being creative at storytelling will more than likely help you to stand out from the crowd and will also contribute to your brand image.


Advertising is an excellent way to help broaden your reach on social media and the web, but it won’t compare to the power that a solid recommendation will bring. You can collaborate with players in your industry and use this to target new audiences.

Analyse your performance

Marketers know the importance of performance analytics when it comes to optimising their strategy, waiting until the end of a marketing campaign to analyse and assess it will limit the potential benefits you can get out of it. Marketers should be constantly changing and adjusting their campaigns, they should base them on real time and the latest insights.

Utilising a strong marketing strategy will need more than just adjusting your priorities every year, you will have to constantly be on the lookout for new technology as well as the opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd. In order to do this, we recommend following the latest technology, digital and marketing design tips so that you can keep on top of the newest trends and updates. This should help you to take advantage of them and make improvements for yourself.

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