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Introducing Hendersons Flooring, a North Yorkshire-based flooring company, one of our longest-standing clients. Hendersons Flooring approached Outrank over a decade ago with the aim of growing their small local business. Outrank is a leading SEO agency who have a clear goal in mind: to establish a solid online presence and drive organic traffic to their website. Here, we take a look at how Outrank’s SEO expertise and website development capabilities transformed Hendersons Flooring into a thriving online contender.

At Outrank, we’re passionate about empowering businesses across diverse industries to maximise their digital potential. Our partnership with Hendersons Flooring, a prominent North Yorkshire-based flooring company, specialising in supplying and installing new flooring, meant that we were entrusted with the task of not only crafting an exceptional website but also implementing a robust SEO campaign to enhance their online visibility.




The Problem

Hendersons Flooring had minimal online visibility, making it challenging for potential customers to find their services; their existing website was also outdated, with a lack of user-friendly design, mobile responsiveness, and essential SEO optimisations. With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that the flooring industry in the North Yorkshire faces fierce competition, making it crucial to stand out in local search results.

Hendersons Flooring approached us with a clear objective – to establish themselves as the go-to flooring experts in the North Yorkshire region and expand their customer base. To achieve this, they needed a website that not only showcased their extensive range of flooring solutions but also ranked prominently on search engines to attract potential customers effectively.

The Solution

Working closely with the Hendersons Flooring team, we started our mission to create something truly unique. Our team ensured a responsive design that accentuated Henderson Flooring’s brand identity through the strategic use of colours and images, along with effective calls to action to boost inquiries. We meticulously reviewed the company’s graphic design and print services, and their specific requirements laid the foundation for the new website. A must-have for the site was a contact form, placing Henderson’s Flooring ahead of its competitors.

We made some changes to the website to make it more user-friendly. Our main goal was to improve how people use the site and make it easier to find on Google. Ultimately, we want to grow our business and have it show up in national searches. We focused on getting more people to visit the website and reach out to us for inquiries. To make all of this work, we knew it was important to let our clients know about the new website design, our SEO strategies, and our digital marketing efforts. With Outrank’s guidance, Hendersons Flooring is ready to move forward in the digital world.

Our approach was methodical, focusing on creating and enhancing the new website design to foster organic growth. The strategy involved a comprehensive analysis of both on-site and off-site factors, including content, technical aspects, and link building, all seamlessly integrated into the new site’s design. The ultimate objective was to establish a robust online presence for the website, driving growth and relevance.

We put our trust in Outrank and what they have provided us with is just phenomenal. The quality has surpassed anything that we have ever experienced before, and their commitment to our business has established true excellence. They have upheld their promise, and the final results have not only met but also exceeded our expectations, leaving us thoroughly delighted with the outcome.

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The Package

Our collaboration with Hendersons Flooring began with the development of a visually stunning and user-friendly website. We ensured that every element of the site was designed to reflect the company’s commitment to providing and installing high-quality flooring. The website boasts an intuitive user experience, captivating visuals, and informative content that highlights their diverse flooring options and the expertise of their installation team.

A mobile-responsive design was implemented to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, as well as incorporating user-friendly navigation. The website’s navigation was streamlined for easy access to services, product information, and contact details. The next focus is optimised content; we included high-quality, SEO-friendly content to showcase Hendersons Flooring’s expertise and offerings.

Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords in the flooring industry. Outrank then optimised the website’s on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and image alt text, to align with these keywords. We also included a full local SEO campaign, given the local nature of Hendersons Flooring’s business; this included Google My Business optimisation. We optimised the Google My Business listing with accurate information, high-quality images, and regular updates. We then implemented a full local citations package, and Outrank ensured Hendersons Flooring’s presence in relevant local directories and listings.

Outrank provided a content marketing strategy, creating informative blog posts and articles related to flooring types, trends, and maintenance. This not only showcased Hendersons Flooring as an industry authority but also attracted organic traffic. A strategic link-building campaign was launched to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the flooring and home improvement niches. Outrank continuously monitors the website performance, organic rankings, and traffic metrics, and regular reports are provided to Hendersons Flooring to track progress and adjust the strategy as needed.

The Results

The collaboration between Outrank and Hendersons Flooring yielded remarkable results, including a significant increase in Organic Traffic. Organic traffic to the website saw a substantial increase, driving more potential customers to the site. Hendersons Flooring’s website began ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords, making it more visible to potential customers. The redesigned website led to improved user engagement and longer visit durations, reducing bounce rates. The optimised Google My Business listing also enabled Hendersons Flooring to stand out in local search results, and through content marketing and link-building efforts, Hendersons Flooring established itself as an authority in the flooring industry.

Outrank’s partnership with Hendersons Flooring has demonstrated the power of strategic SEO and website development in transforming a local business’s online presence. By implementing a comprehensive SEO campaign, optimising the website, and providing ongoing support, we’ve helped Hendersons Flooring achieve higher visibility, increased organic traffic, and improved user engagement. This case study highlights the positive impact that Outrank’s expertise can have on businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape. We look forward to continuing our journey with Hendersons Flooring, driving even more success in the future.

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