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Having been working with Paul at Kent Prestige Cars over the last couple of years, we have created a lasting relationship that has allowed us to establish the foundations for SEO success. From improving the site’s search results to increasing a website’s traffic, we have taken Kent Prestige Cars to the top of the SERPs, supporting them to become a leading chauffeur service in Kent.

At Outrank we are passionate about digital marketing and nothing excites us more than a company’s growth journey, from enhancing online visibility to empowering businesses to emerge as formidable competitors on Google. With Kent Prestige Cars, we have successfully realised the vision and it’s essential to recognise the efforts that have been put into this campaign. Paul’s active engagement with the business has been instrumental, and Kent Prestige Cars’ guidance and participation in the work we have provided has been essential. Our SEO efforts and localised campaigns made a significant impact on strengthening the overall campaign and improving the website’s online presence.





Local SEO

After coming across Outrank, Paul, Director of Kent Prestige Cars, spoke with our account management team, and bought a Bizify business listing. The Outrank team optimised the Bizify listing which then picked up in Google search results, the Kent Prestige Cars’ site saw an increase in traffic to their website and enquiries for their services.

Kent Prestige Cars’ website was a big part of their SEO campaign, it has been essential so that the site can adapt to the requirements of users and Google. As with most website work, we started with the company’s message and ethos in mind.


Efficiency and Performance

With an SEO campaign that is performing so well, we haven’t finished yet. We have so much more in the pipeline for Kent Prestige Cars. Results are always changing and there’s always something more to achieve, which is what we are doing now.

Continued Growth

Kent Prestige Cars has witnessed a remarkable performance boost through our extensive SEO campaign, encompassing optimised content, service pages, and strategic link-building efforts since partnering with Outrank. Yet, our collaboration with this exceptional business is only in its initial stages, and we have ambitious plans for the future. When it comes to Google search results and ranking factors, the possibilities for advancement are constantly evolving, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of success.

The SEO campaign for Kent Prestige Cars is experiencing sustained growth, mirroring the expansion of the business itself. Through Outrank’s service offerings, we’ve observed that key terms like ‘Kent Airport Transfers‘, ‘Heathrow Airport Transfers‘, ‘Gatwick Airport Transfers‘ and ‘Stansted Airport Transfers‘ are maintaining strong positions and consistently driving relevant traffic to the website.

Kent Prestige Cars is dedicated to improving its online presence and identifying new target keywords. To support this ongoing effort, we rely on monitoring tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Search Console. These tools enable us to track progress, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and uncover fresh opportunities. Our campaigns are not solely built around search; they are tailored to address our client’s specific needs.

Our close collaboration with Paul and his team has significantly enhanced the success of the search campaign and the overall growth of Kent Prestige Cars. By allowing adequate time to achieve results and maintaining a robust working relationship, we’ve achieved the remarkable progress together.

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Just like Paul has, why not take your business to the next level with Outrank? We can work with you to help find the best direction to take the business in, whether it’s a fresh website design or a tailored SEO campaign. No matter what your online marketing needs might be, we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation, one of our team is always on hand to assist.

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