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Peter Byrom, a Sheffield-based Audiologist, was looking to establish a prominent online presence in order to attract local clients who were in need of audiology services. Recognising the potential of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign in driving organic traffic to his website, Peter engaged Outrank SEO Services. Here, we take a look at the strategies and outcomes of our collaboration to improve Peter Byrom’s website visibility, enhance user experience, and ultimately increase his client base.

At Outrank, our reputation is built on providing comprehensive support to businesses across the United Kingdom spanning a wide array of industries, all with the common goal of unlocking their full digital potential. Our collaboration with Peter Byrom, a thriving audiology specialist located in Sheffield, Yorkshire, involved the responsibility of crafting an impeccable website and executing a highly effective SEO campaign to elevate their online presence to new heights.

The problem

Our mission was clear: to establish a robust online presence and increase organic traffic to Peter’s website. With Outrank’s range of web development and SEO services, we provided the transformation of Peter Byrom Audiology into a thriving online player.

Peter Byrom Audiology encountered a number of challenges; they experienced limited online visibility and an almost non-existent digital footprint. This affected their prospective clients from finding these specialised audiology services. The existing website lacked mobile responsiveness and was absent of any SEO optimisations, meaning he isn’t appearing in the top search results for any of his relevant keywords. Another issue was that the audiology field in Sheffield and across Yorkshire is competitive, so it was important to implement a new online strategy to make Peter Byrom Audiology stand out.




The solution

We didn’t just design and develop a new website for Peter Byrom Audiology; we created a brand new digital space where he could proudly showcase his extensive expertise and impressive range of services. Together with input from Peter, we produced a versatile and high-performing WordPress website solution; we tailored the new site to align with the firm’s goals. WordPress is known for its flexibility and reliability, providing an extensive range of platform themes and plugins to personalise the site’s aesthetics and functionality. Through a bold design, fresh imagery, and a customer-focused layout, we ensured that Peter Byrom Audiology not only stood out amongst competitors but also ensured visitors could find exactly what they were looking for the first time.

With the seamless launch of this professional and visually captivating website, we transitioned into the next phase – implementing a robust SEO strategy. Peter Byrom Audiology aspired to increase its online presence and boost enquiries. Thoroughly evaluating these distinct requirements, we determined that a comprehensive SEO strategy was the best way forward. This organic approach supported increasing web traffic as well as new enquiries, boosting the audiologist site’s digital presence.

Our review delved deeper into Peter Byrom Audiology’s digital presence, with a focus on enhancing visibility for specific keywords and locations, both on and off the website. We left no stone unturned – from creating fresh content to addressing technical streamlining and constructing high-quality backlinks.

We then made a number of substantial enhancements to improve user-friendliness. Our main emphasis was on increasing search rankings, starting at a local level and gradually extending to broader locations. Our goal was clear: more website traffic, more enquiries and our commitment to this project extended beyond this. We also provided strategic guidance to Peter Byrom Audiology, supporting their journey in SEO and digital marketing and helping them to achieve their objectives.

Peter-ByromSEMRushI have had the pleasure of partnering with Outrank for a number of years now, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Outrank's team designed and developed a superb multifunctional website for me that truly reflects my services, brand and values. They've demonstrated an impressive commitment to staying current with industry trends, ensuring that I’m always ahead of the curve.

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The package

We led the project by overhauling Peter’s website, introducing a number of enhancements that supported development, design, content, links and technical areas. We instated a responsive and mobile-friendly design for the website; this was to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. We refreshed the website’s navigation, simplifying it and making it easier for customers to access the services and contact information that they needed. This improved user navigation and the overall customer experience.

We filled the site with SEO-optimised, high-quality content that effectively showcased Peter’s expertise, product and service offerings. This optimised content included extensive keyword research to discover the most prominent and high-traffic keywords in the audiology industry. On-page optimisation involves using these identified keywords to optimise on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and image alt text.

We provided a content marketing strategy which included informative blog posts and articles that supported audiology services and audiologists. This positioned Peter Byrom Audiology as an authoritative figure in the industry, attracting organic traffic.

A local SEO strategy was also required; it ensured a local focus, so we came up with a targeted local SEO strategy. This included Google My Business (GMB) optimisation, which ensured accurate information, high-quality images, and regular updates. We also created local citations to reinforce Peter’s presence in local directories and listings across the web. A strategic link-building campaign was started, which focused on securing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites within the healthcare niches.

Outrank consistently monitored website performance, organic rankings, and traffic metrics. We furnished Active Windows with regular reports, facilitating progress tracking and strategy adjustments.
Through this comprehensive approach, we fortified Active Windows’ online presence, enhancing user experience, driving organic traffic, and solidifying its standing in the industry.


The collaboration between Peter Byrom and Outrank SEO Services found remarkable results, which significantly enhanced his online presence and client base. By aligning our strategies with Peter’s goals and focusing on local and organic SEO, we were able to drive targeted traffic, improve user experience, and ultimately boost the visibility of the new website.

Peter Byrom Audiology allowed Outrank to use the power of SEO support to transform a local business’s online presence and ultimately drive tangible results. The success of this campaign highlights the effectiveness of a well-rounded SEO strategy, which includes on-page, technical, local, and content SEO efforts to achieve optimal outcomes for Peter.

If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Outrank for a tailored SEO strategy that meets your specific needs and goals.

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