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Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Andy from Damp Resolutions. This partnership has allowed us to create a strong working relationship and lay the groundwork for achieving success for their website. Our journey together has been marked by a series of strategic initiatives, ranging from enhancing the company’s brand and online visibility through business directories to improving website search rankings with SEO content and effective link-building strategies. As a result of our concerted efforts, Damp Resolutions has ascended to a position of prominence, positioning itself as a leader within its industry.

Here at Outrank, we are committed to supporting the growth of companies, guiding them towards expanding their online footprint, and transforming them into leading contenders on Google. It’s essential to acknowledge that this achievement has not been solely the product of Outrank’s endeavours; Andy is a hands-on business owner and has been involved throughout this journey. Together, our local SEO campaigns and strategic manoeuvres have fortified Damp Resolutions, channelling the right audience and reinforcing their standing in the marketplace.

Local SEO

After coming across Outrank, Andy at Damp Resolutions discussed his requirements with our account management team, which encouraged him to purchase a Bizify business listing. The Outrank team optimised the Bizify listing, which then picked up in Google search results; the website then saw an increase in traffic as well as an uplift in enquiries for their services. Andy then purchased a Google My Business optimisation package; its success meant that Damp Resolutions started to see an uplift in the number of enquiries that the business was receiving from the website.

Efficiency and Performance

Through a comprehensive SEO campaign that includes optimised content, service pages, and strategic link-building, Damp Resolutions experienced a significant surge in performance since teaming up with Outrank.

The SEO campaign for Damp Resolutions continues to evolve and expand. We’ve introduced numerous service pages enriched with essential keywords and phrases, securing a number of Google SERPs, including the fourth position for ‘PIV Systems Liverpool‘. Other impressive rankings include ‘PIV Systems’, ‘Damp Assessments’ and ‘PIV Systems Lancashire’.

Damp Resolutions is always exploring new avenues to help enhance its online presence and identify new keyword targets. At Outrank we use monitoring tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Search Console which allow us to track growth, as well as pinpoint areas for improvement. Our close partnership with Andy has been instrumental in the search campaign and the growth of Damp Resolutions.

Go Further with Outrank

Just like Damp Resolutions has, why not take your business further with Outrank? We can work with you to take your business in the right direction, from a fresh website design to a tailored SEO campaign. No matter what your online marketing needs might be, we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation; one of our team is always on hand to help.

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