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Nationwide Copiers, a leading UK brand specialising in photocopier sales, servicing and hire, based in Milton Keynes, was looking for someone to help them to take their website sales further and boost their online presence. Here we take a look at how Outrank helped Nationwide Copiers become an industry leader with our search engine optimisation and web design and development solutions.

After coming across Outrank, Leigh, director at Nationwide Copiers spoke with our account management team, and purchased a business directory listing. The directory picked up on Google and its success meant that Nationwide Copiers saw an uplift in their website traffic from clients clicking on their business directory listing through to their website. They also started to see an increase in the amount of enquiries that they were receiving. With years and years of experience in supplying and servicing photocopiers, Leigh was keen to take the website further and start to boost their online presence and sales. We worked alongside Leigh and his team and put together a website design plan and SEO strategy to help boost their online presence, Google rankings, customer enquiries and sales.

Responsive web development and website streamlining

First, we tackled the new website design and development, we demonstrated a number of improvements that could be achieved through a new website and worked closely with Leigh and helped to ensure that the website design was responsive and user-friendly. It was essential that all website plugins were installed properly and were up to date, they don’t just make sure that the website runs to its maximum capacity they also support the search engine optimisation side of the project, making sure edits and optimisations can be carried out as efficiently as possible on the site platform.

The website design and development covered a number of areas, from styling, branding, colours and imagery, to product and category listings, and customer enquiry forms. Once the new website was up and running, we got to work on the SEO side of things.

Reactive search engine optimisation

When it comes to the SEO plan for Nationwide Copiers, this included a range of optimisation work to the website itself. By making sure that the website operates as quickly as possible and runs smoothly, this will overall have a big impact on how the site is received by potential customers. The search engine optimisation campaign that we put together for Nationwide Copiers included content optimisation, technical improvements and link outreach. The content part of the strategy involved adding new optimised content to the site’s service pages, this would be carried out over a longer period of time, slowly but surely introducing new keywords to the site and to Google; this helps to gradually improve the site’s strength as well as making sure that it wasn’t flooded and overloaded with new content all in one go. It also means that we can assess how each page improvement is working, month by month, and consider any changes or amends that may need to be made. We also made sure that the main product and category pages were optimised, these new content optimisations were all based on a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms as well as competitor research and how their website was currently ranking. Improving and expanding on the current content, and assessing what was and wasn’t working will help to improve the overall rankings for pages.

The link outreach plan of Nationwide Copiers involved outreach to links that will help to improve the website’s current strength, as well as promote an overall positive effect on the site’s SERPs on Google. Outrank’s SEO team provided a link plan for Nationwide Copiers’ website and after carrying out an assessment on their current link profile, we saw many opportunities where we could improve their link strength. The link outreach that we carried out included citations and guest posts. Link outreach aims to help to improve a website’s organic visibility on Google as well as in the SERPs and also to increase visibility and help to attract more qualified traffic, which will increase leads and online enquiries.

So far results have shown a number of local and national rankings including top 20 positions for ‘photocopier‘, ‘printers for sale‘, renowned branded printer product ‘Konica Minolta‘ and ‘photocopier lease‘.

Big results, big conversions

Leigh was looking for an SEO company to grow Nationwide Copiers’ online presence and was more than happy with the direction that Outrank provided. Here at Outrank, our team of SEO experts and web design professionals who constantly work towards going further for each and every one of our customers. From new techniques and innovative tools, with every new SEO project that we take on, our ultimate goal is to ensure a better future for our clients, from higher rankings in the SERPs to improved CTR, here at Outrank we believe everything is possible. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you to take your business further online.

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