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Jonathan from SPV Mortgages initially came onboard with Outrank because they were looking for a company to help improve their overall online presence and extend their reach to more customers seeking their services. 

After being contacted by our sales team, SPV Mortgages came on board with our monthly SEO package and our team of SEO experts worked hard to create an effective strategy that would drive results. 

This strategy was designed to improve key terms, their overall online brand presence, and use their already strong domain to drive traffic to their other online business. This was achieved with a combination of content optimisation, blog creation for relevance, and link building

Blog Relevance

Creating blogs is a vital part of any SEO strategy as they help to boost relevance to a website. For SPV Mortgages, this involved expanding upon some of their existing services and answering questions their customers may have. 

For example, we created a blog titled “How a Tax Calculator Can Clarify Your Rental Tax” to support their tax calculator page, answer relevant questions, and provide instructions on how to use a tax calculator. This means it contains questions and terms that the average person looking for this particular service will search for, pushing traffic towards the site when they click for a concise answer. 

Link Building

To help with SPV Mortgages overall domain rating, we employed a comprehensive range of backlinks to help improve the website, brand, and the overall rankings in the SERPs. This strategy included sourcing citations to ensure consistency across the web, quality guest posts from trusted suppliers that are relevant to their niche, a HARO campaign, and utilising premium link outreach. 

By sourcing these backlinks, there has been a significant increase in the visibility of SPV Mortgages on Google and their Domain Rating continues to improve as their campaign continues. 

Content Optimisation 

The content optimisation we have so far carried out for Jonathan involved optimising their home page, and a range of service and tool pages. The terms used in this content creation had high search volume and were already ranking on their site, and with our work we were able to boost these pages from their initial position on google. As Jonathan provides his services on a national basis, these pages were optimised to target the whole of the UK. 

Some of the terms we have optimised include ‘SPV Mortgages’, ‘Stamp Duty Calculator’, and ‘Rental Income Tax Calculator’, and we have seen significant improvement in these keywords. 

The Impact

Through the work done with Jonathan, our team can confidently say that we have built a close working relationship. He knows if there are any issues he can contact a sales representative or his account manager for assistance, which has given us a significant advantage when creating his SEO strategy and allows us to keep pushing his campaign utilising the 3 pillars of SEO; Technical, Links, and Content. 

The team here at Outrank strives to put you first and work closely with you to generate as much return on your investment as possible. If you – like Jonathan at SPV Mortgages – have a business that can benefit from an in-depth SEO campaign, contact Outrank today!

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