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When looking for a reputable website design and SEO company, Vision Windscreens, a Reading based windscreen repair and replacement company, came across Outrank and were intrigued to see how they could help them to take their already successful business and positive online presence further. Take a look at how we took a Reading based windscreen replacement and repair company to the top of the search results and supported their company’s overall growth.

After coming across Outrank, Carina and Richard, directors at Vision Windscreens spoke with our accountant management team, he was keen to see how we could help grow his business online and especially across the Uxbridge and London area. As an expert who has a wealth of experience in windscreen repairs and replacements, Carina and Richard was looking to take the business further and start to cover other areas across London as well as their base in Uxbridge. While Carina and Richard hadn’t originally considered a new website, we demonstrated a number improvements that could be achieved from a brand-new website design and build. So, we set out to provide the full package – responsive web design and development along with a search engine optimisation plan. The aim was to improve their online presence and Google rankings while targeting London as well as increase conversions and customer website clicks.

Vision Windscreens is known for offering a full range of quality windscreen repair services across Reading and London for both commercial and residential customers. With this and their strong reputation in mind it was essential that these key values and factors were incorporated while designing, developing and optimising the site.

Responsive website design and development

We worked closely with Carina and Richard, before passing the project on to the web development team. With the opportunity to create something unique, our team ensured a responsive website design that was focused on Vision Windscreen’s brand identity as well as the use of colours and images, we also included effective calls to action to help increase enquiries. We also reviewed the company’s windscreen services, along with Carina and Richard’s requirements from the new site, which helped to create the foundations for the web build. Another must for the website included a contact form, helping Richard and Carina to keep one step ahead from his competitors. This form allows clients to include their details and the service that they require, the contact form will then notify the Vision Windscreens team who can arrange a call back. Including contact forms into the site can help to make the website as responsive and user friendly as possible which can help to have a positive effect on conversions.

Reactive search engine optimisation

The search engine optimisation campaign that we put together for Vision Windscreens included content optimisation, technical improvements and link outreach. The content part of the optimisation plan involved writing new optimised service and location pages, the location pages would be added to the site over a longer period of time, slowly but surely introducing new keywords to the site and to Google, this helps to gradually improve the site’s strength as well as making sure that it wasn’t flooded and overloaded with new content all in one go. With this in mind, Vision Windscreen’s main SEO target was locations around their Reading base including areas across London, as London is very competitive in terms of keywords and ranking, when it comes to the range keywords and key terms around ‘windscreen repair’ and ‘windscreen replacement’, we started off creating optimised location pages for places within London such as their base in Reading and surrounding areas including Uxbridge, Heathrow, Wimbledon and Croydon. These new location pages and service pages were all based on a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms and competitor research. Creating these pages first added strength to the site by ranking for a range of services and locations, this helped to add overall strength to the site which will work towards targeting the London keywords and key terms for ‘windscreen replacement’ and ‘windscreen repair’.

The technical aspects of the SEO plan for Vision Windscreens included a range of further optimisation work to the website itself. This covered including schema markup, there are many different types of schema that can be inputted into a site but the three that were the most essential for Vision Windscreen’s site at this point were review schema, local business schema and FAQ schema. This was a really important area to consider for Vision Windscreen’s SEO due to the competitive nature of the services that they provide and the London area.

Review schema is run through Google Reviews and incorporates a business’s Google reviews into their website makeup. Local business schema was also an important part of Vision Windscreen’s optimisation plan, when local business schema markup is used in a site it instantly communicates to Google that this website is a local business, as well as highlighting the area that it is based in, this provides added strength to the website which Google will favour, especially when considering Vision Windscreen’s competitors. FAQ schema is a schema that is added to FAQs that feature on the site’s pages, it’s an essential part of SEO, especially when it comes to a business’s click through rate on Google rankings. When a FAQ schema has been installed into a site, it pulls through the FAQs into the metadata on the SERPs. So should customers be looking for answers to a question, when the site shows up in the search engine results, immediately customers can see that they are displaying a list of frequently asked questions before they even visit the website, encouraging that all-important user click.

Another vital part of Vision Windscreen’s SEO strategy included ongoing link outreach, link outreach promotes a website’s strength and overall positively affects a site’s Google rankings. We set out a link plan for Vision Windscreen’s website, we noticed lots of opportunities to improve their link strength. Link outreach included NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks and premium link outreach. These links helped to enhance Vision Windscreen’s organic visibility on Google, as the link campaign goes on, Vision Windscreen’s website visibility will improve and help to attract more qualified traffic which then increases leads and online enquiry production.

The results so far have shown improvements and top rankings for the following keywords ‘chipped windscreen’, ‘windscreen replacement’ and ‘windscreen repairs near me’.

The results – a thriving London based windscreen repair company

Vision Windscreens was more than happy with the direction that Outrank provided, our team of experienced website designers and fully-fledged SEO specialists provided a thorough plan and direction for an already successful company. Our expert team is constantly working towards going further for each and every one of our customers. Whether it’s to include innovative tools into web design or incorporate new techniques into SEO campaigns. For more information or to discuss a project with us, then be sure to contact us.

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