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Planting the Seeds for Evergreen Growth

We generated 41k+ in profit for Evergreen Direct, a UK leading artificial plant supplier.

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The Challenge


Evergreen Direct, a leading provider of high-quality artificial plants and trees, faced a tough challenge. While their products were top-notch, they struggled to capture the attention and wallets of online shoppers in a crowded market. They needed a solution that would not only increase their visibility but also drive significant sales growth.


The turning point came when they learned about one of our transformative Facebook Ads campaigns. Intrigued by the potential for similar success, they initiated a consultation with our team, where we agreed it was the perfect approach to help their business bloom.

The Campaign


After setting up a Facebook pixel on Evergreen Direct’s website, we began analysing how visitors interacted with their site. This data became the backbone of our strategy over the last five months.


Our campaign strategy was straightforward but effective. We focused on three areas: finding new customers through prospecting, reaching out to people similar to existing customers with lookalike audiences, and bringing back visitors who hadn’t purchased through retargeting. For each area, we used A/B testing to find the best performing ads in terms of copy, imagery, and calls to action.



Over these months, we’ve continuously refined our approach, making small, responsive adjustments based on the data we collected. We also took advantage of seasonal trends, adding offers that matched the time of year to keep our ads relevant and engaging. This methodical approach has allowed us to improve our campaign gradually, ensuring that Evergreen’s ads stay fresh and effective.

The Results


Our strategy hit the mark, turning a £5.6k ad spend into £41.7k in conversions. That’s a 642% return on investment—a clear indicator of the campaign’s effectiveness in not only reaching but engaging the target audience.



Inspired by these results, Evergreen Direct is now gearing up to increase their ad spend in the coming months, ready to plant seeds for even greater success.

From the client

“We’re now seeing numbers we never thought possible.


Outrank really got what we were aiming for and have tackled our visibility issue head-on.


Honestly, I’m blown away by the difference they’ve made for us. Can’t thank them enough!”

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