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Introducing Aire Velo Bearings – a leading brand of bicycle bearings and accessories, based in the United Kingdom, Aire Velo Bearings has transformed the industry by supplying top-quality bike bearing products. Whether you require BMX bearings, headset bearings or bearing kits, Aire Velo Bearings is your one-stop solution for all your bearing needs. Every product has been meticulously chosen to meet the customer’s precise requirements. Whether you need a bearing repair, replacement bearings or bearings from a specific manufacturer, Aire Velo Bearings guarantees top quality every time, making sure that they only supply the best products available on the market. Ensure the smoothest ride with the UK’s leading bike-bearing shop, Aire Velo Bearings.

The problem

The goal was clear, establish a strong online presence and generate organic traffic for their website. Using Outrank’s expertise in website development and SEO, we played a pivotal role in transforming Aire Velo Bearings into a leading online contender.

Aire Velo Bearings confronted a number of significant challenges, including a limited online footprint, which hindered potential customers from discovering their specialised products. Their existing website was not only outdated but also lacked mobile responsiveness and the crucial SEO optimisations required for competitive rankings. Especially in the intensely competitive arena of the bike equipment and accessories industry in the UK, this reinforced the urgency of building a strong online presence in order to stand out from the crowd.




Aire Velo Search ConsoleThe solution

Our efforts extended beyond creating a new website for Aire Velo Bearings; we produced a platform to showcase their range of expert products. For the development of the new website, we opted for the versatile and high-performing WordPress platform. WordPress, known for its flexibility, provided a solid foundation, offering a wide array of themes and plugins to tailor the site’s design and functionality, including Woocommerce plugins to support the e-commerce side of the business. With a sleek design, clear imagery, and a user-friendly layout, our aim was to set Aire Velo Bearings apart from its competitors and to ensure that customers easily found what they were looking for.

With the visually captivating and professional website seamlessly up and running, we moved to the next crucial phase: implementing an SEO strategy. Aire Velo Bearings’ objective was to amplify its online presence and drive online sales. After a thorough evaluation of Aire Velo Bearing’s user requirements, we created a comprehensive SEO strategy. Going the organic route promised increased website traffic and a surge in online purchases, upgrading Aire Velo Bearings’ online footprint.

The first step involved an in-depth exploration of Aire Velo Bearing’s’ online landscape, with a focus on improving visibility for specific keywords and products, both on and off the website. We conducted a thorough analysis, covering everything from content and technical aspects to establishing high-quality backlinks.

We then made a number of improvements in order to enhance the website’s user-friendliness. Our primary objective was to boost rankings and drive more traffic to the website to generate online sales and enquiries. Our commitment didn’t stop there; we also provided Aire Velo Bearings with guidance on SEO strategies and digital marketing to realise these objectives fully.


We highly recommend Outrank to anyone seeking to enhance their online business presence. Their professionalism, approachability, and SEO ability is astonishing, they have transformed our small online bike shop to an industry leader in the bike-bearing sector.


The Cushion Guys SEO Optimisation

The plan

Outrank started the project by giving Aire Velo Bearings’ website a comprehensive makeover, implementing a number of enhancements, including responsive design. We ensured that the website had a responsive design, guaranteeing a seamless user experience across all devices. Mobile responsiveness was prioritised to cater to users on smartphones and tablets and the website’s navigation underwent streamlining to facilitate easy access to services and contact information, enhancing the overall user experience.

We created high-quality, SEO-friendly content to showcase Aire Velo Bearings’ expertise and product offerings effectively. This involved in-depth keyword research, which was conducted within the bike-bearing industry to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords. These keywords were strategically incorporated into on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and image alt text.

We also optimised their Google My Business (GMB) listing with accurate information, high-quality images, and regular updates and began a link plan starting with local citations. We ensured Aire Velo Bearings’ presence in relevant local directories and listings through local citations.

A robust content marketing strategy was put together, generating informative blog posts and articles related to bike bearings usage, installation and maintenance. This positioned Aire Velo Bearings as an industry authority and attracted organic traffic. We continued the link-building campaign and initiated high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in bike industry niches, further boosting the website’s authority.

We consistently monitored website performance, organic rankings, and traffic metrics. Regular reports were provided to Aire Velo Bearings to track progress and make necessary strategy adjustments. These comprehensive improvements aimed to not only enhance the website’s aesthetics and user-friendliness but also to strategically position Aire Velo Bearings in the digital landscape, drive organic traffic, and establish them as an authoritative player in the industry.


The collaboration between Outrank and Aire Velo Bearings provided remarkable achievements, including a substantial surge in organic website traffic and online sales. Notably, there was a remarkable increase in organic traffic, effectively driving a greater number of customers to the site. Another notable triumph was the significant improvement in search engine rankings, with Aire Velo Bearings website ascending to higher positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) for prominent keywords, enhancing its visibility.

The new design and development of the website led to a notable enhancement in user experience. This resulted in heightened user engagement, longer visit durations, and a notable reduction in bounce rates. Through dedicated content marketing and diligent link-building efforts, Aire Velo Bearings solidified its position as a respected authority in the bike-bearing industry.

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