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Sara Davies
Designing for a Dragon.

We put our creative fire into a new website for Dragons Den’s Sara Davies.

7 Days
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5 Days
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Outrank is thrilled to team up with Sara Davies for a crucial makeover of her personal website. Sara, renowned for her diverse business ventures and vibrant TV presence, had a site that wasn’t keeping up with her TV career updates.

So far, so good, right? Well, here’s the kicker: Sara needed it yesterday.

With her Arctic trek for Comic Relief on the horizon, we were staring down a daunting one-week deadline for the site’s complete overhaul. Quite the task, but we were all hands on deck.

The Build


Sara and her team were the perfect clients from the get-go, fully prepared and highly collaborative, making the design consultation seamless. This enabled us to quickly draft a design that truly reflected her personality and brand. Our approach aimed for clarity and relevance, focusing on creating a site that was visually compelling, easy to navigate, and capable of showcasing her multifaceted career and involvements without overwhelming users.

With the clock ticking towards the tight one-week deadline, our dream team — designer Megan and developer Charles — sprang into action, working tirelessly around the clock. Their commitment to this project was crucial, ensuring every one of the over 150 pages was carefully crafted to align with Sara’s vision and meet the pressing timeline.



The Result


Thanks to Charles, Megan, and caffeine, our ambitious vision was turned into a fully functional, visually striking website, in just five days. This rapid delivery meant that the site was decked out and ready to join Sara on her Arctic adventure, albeit with fewer layers and no risk of frostbite!

From the client

“Stephen and the team at Outrank are experts at what they do as well as being a joy to work with!

They were the creative force behind my website, and their expansive industry knowledge, professionalism and vision were absolutely invaluable in every stage of the process.

They are now my go to partners in marketing for all of my current and future projects. Thanks so much Stephen!”

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