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Meet Promain – a pioneering UK brand that is transforming the paint industry with top-quality products and services. Whether you’re looking for home and garden paint, or a product for commercial applications, we have got you covered, catering to your every paint requirement; they also offer some of the biggest paint brands, including Rust-Oleum, Blackfriar and Osmo. Promain is the UK’s largest industrial paint distributor and offers an extensive range of products that can meet a number of specifications, including military and marine paint systems. Whatever type of paint you need – Promain will always deliver.

Rest assured, each and every paint system from Promain adheres to the highest standards and will ensure a quality application. Promain only uses cutting-edge techniques to ensure unrivalled grade quality and durability in its paints. As well as industry-leading paint, they are home to a technical team who have over 35 years of experience in paint products and can be on hand to provide you with a range of expert technical advice and information.

Over the course of several years, our collaboration with the Promain team has been instrumental in achieving ongoing success. Through the journey of improving search results and evolving websites, we have effectively elevated Promain to new heights, cementing its position as the leading paint company in the UK. The strong partnership between our teams has proven to be a driving force behind their continued growth and prominence in the market.




The Problem

Amidst an increasingly competitive market, Promain acknowledged the importance of reaching out to the expanding online audience. We then started their full website design and development solution, as well as an SEO marketing campaign, to help them to climb the Google rankings for highly competitive keywords and attracting precisely targeted web traffic.

The project called for a new website, one that could effectively showcase the company’s products and brand with a strong platform. With thousands of products to display, user-friendliness and easy navigation were key considerations. The design had to strike a balance between simplicity and standing out from competitors. To engage users, the website incorporated various product images, helpful diagrams, and videos demonstrating the products in use, as well as factsheets and further detailed information. This encouraged visitors to explore the site further, ultimately driving new customer conversions for online purchases.

Once the professional-looking website was successfully launched, the focus shifted to the next phase of the project: maximizing Promain’s online presence through search engine optimization (SEO). This strategic approach aimed to enhance Promain’s visibility and reach, ensuring they rank well in search engine results and attract a larger audience to their website.

The SEO campaign is an ongoing endeavour, with steady progress in ascending the rankings for a curated set of crucial terms, resulting in a month-on-month surge in web traffic. As a consequence, this influx of new customers has not only boosted sales but has also cultivated a loyal customer base, with continued support from those who initially discovered the company online.

The Solution

We provided a new website to showcase the company’s extensive expertise as well as its large and diverse range of high-quality products. We used Magento 2, an open-source E-commerce platform, to build the Promain site. Magento is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, and its strong framework allows for multiple products and product categories. It also provides a seamless ordering platform, making online purchases easy to manage. The bold branding and clear images also help Promain to stand out from competitors, and the layout ensures quick and effortless navigation, perfectly showing the products on offer.

Having delivered a professional and visually appealing website that functions seamlessly, it was time to move on to the next phase of the project: implementing the website’s SEO strategy. With Promain now established online through its brand-new website, the next step was to maximize its online presence and drive sales.

A careful examination of Promain’s unique needs concluded that adopting a comprehensive SEO strategy would be the most effective way to boost website traffic. Embracing this organic approach would result in increased traffic and a surge in new inquiries, solidifying Promain’s’ brand presence.

To establish the current website, an organic strategy was put into action aimed at developing the organic channel and improving visibility for a new set of industry-specific keywords and locations. This encompassed a comprehensive analysis of both on-site and off-site factors, including content, technical aspects, and link building. As the brand’s product range continued to grow, the strategy adapted accordingly, with a constant focus on aligning with the evolving brand direction.

To create a more user-friendly experience, we made significant improvements to multiple aspects of the website’s SEO. Our main goal was to enhance rankings, starting with a focus on local locations and later expanding the business to a national search level. The central focus of our efforts was to boost website traffic and generate new inquiries. As well as the importance of introducing clients to SEO strategies and digital marketing to achieve these objectives.

Initially, Outrank assured us that their level of quality would surpass anything that we'd previously encountered; they aimed to set new standards of excellence. True to their word, the outcome has exceeded our expectations, leaving us absolutely delighted with the results.

The Package

E-commerce – At Outrank, we create eCommerce web designs that offer smooth sailing from start to finish. From navigating through your product pages and viewing product images to surfing your social media and making that all-important purchase, we take into account every step of the buying process.

Content – Content reigns supreme. We conduct extensive keyword research for every campaign to ensure precise targeting of the most valuable terms. Your page content serves as the foundation of your business and often forms the initial impression on visitors. Hence, we craft content that aligns with your business identity while catering to search engines and the targeted keywords. You may wonder how you can track your rankings. Rest assured, we utilize a top-tier industry rank tracker to monitor your current positions and growth on a daily and monthly basis, providing you with valuable insights.

Links – Link building plays a pivotal role in SEO. When it comes to links, it is essential to foster a natural and diverse link profile encompassing a balanced combination of low and high-quality links, both follow and no-follow. At our agency, we adhere to our comprehensive link-building pyramid, which includes elements such as citations, competitor backlinks, paid listings, guest posting, and press releases. Building an authoritative and organic backlink profile is crucial to bolstering the success of your campaign. To track and monitor the impact of backlinks on your campaign, we leverage industry-leading tools such as Majestic SEO and SEMrush.

Technical – Ensuring that search engines can effectively crawl and index your website is paramount, and this is where the technical aspect comes into play. By employing various tools, including Search Console, we thoroughly evaluate your website’s current performance and identify opportunities to enhance its overall technical architecture. Although these changes may appear minor, their potential impact can be significant, which is why they should never be underestimated. At our agency, we boast a dedicated team of technical search experts and developers who are adept at implementing these crucial improvements.

The Results

Promain sought an experienced e-commerce, web design and SEO company to establish their large paint supplier brand online, and they were thrilled to discover Outrank Agency. We pride ourselves on utilizing innovative tools for responsive web design and implementing cutting-edge techniques in our proactive SEO campaigns. Our ultimate objective is to secure a brighter future for all our clients, ensuring user-friendly websites, higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and improved click-through rates (CTR). When you opt for Outrank to help grow your business, rest assured you won’t be disappointed!

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