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When looking for an established web design and SEO agency, The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company, a luxury chauffeur company in Bishop’s Stortford, came across Outrank Agency. They were interested to see how Outrank could help them to take their thriving business online. As a professional chauffeur service, The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company offer a range of chauffeur-driven services, including wedding car hire, airport transfers and corporate travel. We take a look at how we supported the business’s growth online and improved its search engine results.




The Web Design and Development Process

The account management team worked closely with The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company’s Director, Graham before passing the project on to Outrank’s Web Development team. With the opportunity to create something unique and engaging, the team ensured that it included a responsive design that incorporated The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company’s branding. We did this through specific colours and text as well as unique images and effective calls to action, this supported the increase of the site’s enquiries and interaction. We also considered the company’s range of services, as well as Graham’s requirements from the project. All of this helped to create the foundations for the new website, these areas are very important to the site, including the business’s main services. Another essential for the website included a contact form, this helped The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company to stay one step ahead of their competitors. The form allows clients to include their details and the service that they require, the contact form will also notify the team who can quickly arrange a callback. Adding contact forms onto the website can help to make the platform as responsive and user-friendly as possible which will have a positive effect on conversions.

Content Optimisation

The search engine optimisation content plan that we put together for The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company included content optimisation and supporting content. This part of SEO involves writing new optimised service pages and topical blogs which support them, these would be added to the site, and involved introducing new keywords to Google; as well as building on the strength that the site already has. The fresh new content that we incorporated onto the service pages was all based on a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms as well as competitor research.

Technical SEO Work

After the SEO content plan was drawn out, we provided some technical work. After getting a range of well-optimised content written and uploaded onto the site, the next way to move forward was to provide internal linking. Internal linking helps to connect content throughout the website, this allows search engines to understand the structure of the web pages and the best way for it to crawl them. We internally linked pages together; stronger web pages can support other pages, helping to improve their rankings. Internal linking also benefits users as it improves their experience by making it much easier for them to navigate through the website.

Link Outreach

The link outreach plan of The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company’s SEO project involved outreach to links that will help to improve the website’s current strength, as well as promote an overall positive effect on the site’s SERPs on Google. Outrank’s SEO team provided a link plan and we saw a number of opportunities where we could improve their link strength. The link outreach that we carried out included citations and paid links.


Graham was looking to take his business, The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company’s further, and he was pleased to come across Outrank Agency. He trusted our specialists and we provided successful SEO techniques that also helped to improve the firm’s online visibility, rankings and brand awareness. After working closely with Graham and this team, this allowed us to go further and support the company’s online growth with responsive SEO strategies. So what are you waiting for? Outrank can help grow your business online today!

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