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10 Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO

Reasons Why Wordpress Is The Best CMS For SEO

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WordPress Focuses on User Experience

WordPress’s themes and plugins work together to help make the website design look professional, user-friendly and visually appealing. The majority of visitors enjoy the UX of a site built on WordPress, research has shown that they tend to stay longer and overall site bounce rates have decreased. So if improving your site’s SEO ranking is your main aim, this is great news for you, Google will reward you with websites that provide a greater user experience.


Appealing Permalinks

On WordPress, it’s easy to edit your website’s permalink, instead of having a URL of ugly characters, you can create something that flows. The beauty of being able to edit your article’s permalink means that you can add keywords into the URL. So not only will your permalink look good, it will help with your search rankings.

Easy to Manage Metadata

SEO titles and metadata will improve how search engines deem your site relevant, metadata helps search engines to crawl your site and understand what your website and web pages are about. By adding relevant keywords to your metadata your site will become more likely to rank for those keywords. When your site is built on WordPress, you can use handy meta plugins such as Yoast SEO, this allows you to add metadata in a matter of minutes.

Simple Image Optimisations

Images are essential to your web pages and blog posts, when using a couple in a timely layout, this can break up your blog and make it more interesting and readable. As well as pages on your website, they’re also powerful tools when it comes to SEO, especially when using WordPress. WordPress lets you optimise your images for better SEO rankings, you can create alternative text for each image that you use and you can plug your keywords as image descriptions that will be noticed from search engine crawlers. When it comes to WordPress, you can use a plugin that automatically creates alt text for your images, you can also resize your images so that they don’t slow your page’s load speed down.

No Frustrating and Slow Load Times

Page speed is a huge ranking factor in Google SERPs, especially in mobile search, so if your site is slow it’ll not only frustrate users but also push you lower in the Google search results. WordPress uses amazing plugins that will help with site speed, you can use image optimiser plugins that can compress your PDF documents and past images in order to speed your website’s loading time. Other downloadable WordPress plugins also permit you to cache your site, clear your database and compress your images, actions that will make your images load faster.

Page Loading Times

Mobile User-Friendly

Mobile usage has grown rapidly over the past few years, so if you’re trying to attract attention online, it’s essential that your website is optimised for mobile usage. If you’re using WordPress to power your site, you don’t need to do anything else to make it accessible on mobile devices, the majority of WordPress themes are already optimised for mobile users.

Integrate Your Marketing Campaigns with Your Social Media

Social media is another huge marketing technique and is considered as one of the best platforms for promoting your brand. Social media success can have a positive impact on your SEO rankings, so as a marketer you should use social media to boost your online marketing. With WordPress you can create customised social media buttons for your blog, making it easier for readers to share your content, you can also add a social media feed to your site so they can share your content. WordPress also permits you to add social media feeds to your site.

SEO Plugins

When you use WordPress, optimising your site for high rankings becomes simple, all you need to do is install the right plugins. Some of the best SEO plugins include…

Yoast SEO

Yoast helps to optimise the content that you write with your focus keywords, it will assist you in creating content that’s readable for both human and search engine spiders, it also provides SEO title and meta description templating.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin allows you to create complex XML sitemaps, they make your site’s structure easy for search engine crawlers to understand, every time you publish a post, the plugin will notify the search engine of your new content.

Google Analytics

WordPress’s Google Analytics plugin is described as both ‘easy’ and ‘powerful’, you won’t need to leave your WordPress dashboard in order to see your Google Analytics reports. You can see pages which stand out on your site alongside their detailed stats, you can also see how many clicks your ads are getting.

Easy to Integrate with Other Software Tools

As well as Google Analytics, there are also some other tools that you can seamlessly integrate with WordPress, the most popular include ConvertKit – great for email campaigns, landing pages and forms, Sucuri – one of the best software applications for the industry and G-Suite – for your documents, spreadsheets and emails. With these software tools, they can help you to boost your engagement which can further improve your rankings.

SEO Friendly Themes

It’s not just keywords and metadata that are the main components of high results, web page design is just as important. By using WordPress for your website platform, you can optimise your site for SEO, choose an SEO-friendly theme and Google will recognise your pages as effective.

SERPs and WordPress Go Hand in Hand

So, we think you’ll agree, the best website platform for SEO is definitely WordPress, when you choose WordPress you’ll have a platform that’s packed with SEO-friendly themes, plugins and tools.

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