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The Importance of Google My Business

The Importance of Google My Business

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Why is Google My Business Important?

Google My Business once known as Google Places is one of the best online opportunities. It gives your business the chance to appear on search results, above number one rankings on SERPs, so technically position zero. But if you don’t list your business correctly on your Google My Business profile, you may as well be on the second page.

Your GMB gives you the ability to list your business, location and important information on Google Maps and your local search results. So whether you’re a Plumber in Plymouth or a Hairdresser in Cornwall, GMB is not to be missed. Every business should have one, and a quality one at that. There’s no point in completing your profile halfway or not keeping it up to date, as users won’t care, and will go to your competitor who’s literally a finger space down on their screen. So, don’t miss out on optimising your profile correctly and let us explain the importance of Google My Business to you and why it is arguably one of the most important foundations of local search engine optimisation.


Why Do I Need a GMB?

Good question, if you’re a business owner of any kind you should have a GMB profile. Whether you are a shop or operating online only, GMB has the potential to take your business further. Don’t worry if you work from home, the address can be hidden from the public but it is still important to be found for your products or services.

Having a GMB profile not only gives you the opportunity to rank higher than #1, but it gives users your direct information all in one place.

Be it your: business name, website, opening hours, telephone number, address or reviews, you’re giving your customer exactly what they want. They can click to call you directly from the listing or browse your website at their convenience.

Test it now, think of a service and a location near you and search it on Google. This is known as local search. The GMB profiles will come up above the rankings and what Google deems the best GMB, will go at the top. You can see here just how many businesses are fighting to be number one. You can be X service in Y location but after that, it’s up to the user which one they choose. The ranking of it all is down to Google and their algorithm, so it goes without saying that the more information you provide and your reviews will play a huge part in where you’re placed.

Google My Business Must Haves

If Google is asking you to complete a section of information, complete it! The more information you provide about your business the better, within of reason of course. If there’s a section that’s asking for your website, don’t miss it out, it’s extremely important and is another way to provide key information to potential customers. From your services to website, it’s in your best interest to provide as much information as possible. That said, here’s ten of our Google My Business must haves, you can even see them in action on the Outrank GMB Profile:

  1. Correct business information
  2. Logo
  3. Photos
  4. Up to date information
  5. In depth description
  6. Open hours
  7. Telephone number and website
  8. Regular posts – they’re great for keeping your business up to date on Google
  9. Reviews – extremely important for building trust and can set you apart from competitors
  10. If you operate from more than one address, or have several premises, then you should have a GMB profile for each location, we can help you with this.

Tip! – When adding your business address, make sure the map pin is precisely in the right location. Even if it’s a little out, it can send people to the back of your premises or in the wrong direction. Simply zoom right into the map to make sure that the pin is accurately placed.

Improve Your Local Search

Google My Business is one of the quickest and most convenient forms of search. They put everything you need in one place, and within a couple of clicks, you can either call the business or visit their website.

We hope that you can see the impact that Google My Business has on SERPs, and can have on your business. It’s a whole new avenue to go down, and with Outrank we can take you there. Come and improve your local search and contact us today to find out more.

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