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AB Investigations Ltd – SEO

AB Investigations Ltd, a private investigator who specialises in surveillance, employee investigations and cheating partners, based in Leeds, were looking for a firm to take them to the top of the SERPs. Seeing how Outrank improved AB Investigations Ltd’s local presence and overall business growth, with a search engine optimisation package, Outrank has helped to turn this business around and put AB Investigations Ltd on the map.

Based in Leeds, the owner of AB Investigations Ltd, Adam was interested to see how we could take his business further. After speaking closely with our team, Adam purchased a business directory with Bizify; which is a part of the Outrank group. The directory soon picked up on Google and Adam started to see an increase in the number of enquiries that he was receiving from new customers. Being a highly skilled, trained and experienced private investigator, Adam was keen to take the business further and start to target areas across the UK as well as Leeds. We set out to provide the full package – a fresh optimised content plan. The aim was to improve their online presence and Google rankings while targeting areas in and around Leeds and London as well as increase conversions and customer website clicks.

Content optimisation

The search engine optimisation service that we provide for Adam includes content optimisation and technical streamlining. The content covered writing new optimised service and location pages, the location pages would target the company’s base in Leeds, as well as the local and surrounding areas including London. These pages were all created and added to the site, introducing new keywords and strong pieces of optimised content to the site and to Google, this will help to improve the site’s strength and rankings. These new pages and service pages were all based on a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms and competitor research. Creating these pages first added strength to the site by ranking for a range of services and locations, this helped to add overall strength to the site which will work towards targeting the main keywords and key terms for private investigators and private investigations.

The technical factors of the SEO plan for private investigators included a range of further optimisation work to the website itself. This included incorporating schema markup, there are many different types of schema that can be inputted into a site but the one that was the most essential at this point was local business schema. This was a really important area to consider for AB Investigations Ltd’s SEO due to the nature of the services that they provide across Leeds.

The link outreach part of the SEO plan included acquiring a range of links which will help to promote the website’s strength and overall positively affect a site’s Google rankings. We put together a link plan for AB Investigations Ltd’s website, their backlink profile was fairly low and we saw lots of opportunities to improve their link strength. The link outreach that we provided included NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks and premium link outreach. These links aim to help enhance a website’s organic visibility on Google and as the link campaign goes on, the visibility will improve and help to attract more qualified traffic which will then increase leads and online enquiries.

The results so far have shown improvements and top rankings for the following keywords ‘private investigator London’, ‘private investigator Wakefield’, ‘private investigator Bradford’ and ‘private investigator Sheffield’.

The impact

The main outcome for AB Investigations Ltd’s content optimisation plan was to increase the site’s online presence and overall business growth. A close working relationship allowed us to fully understand Adam and his business, this gave us a greater advantage when putting together an online plan. From using new techniques and innovative tools to putting together foolproof optimised content, we helped to ensure a better future for director Adam and AB Investigations Ltd. At Outrank we believe everything is possible, if you have a project that we could work on together, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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