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When looking for a reputable website design and SEO company, Aire Velo Bearings, an online retailer of bike bearings, came across Outrank and were intrigued to see how they could help them to take their already successful business and positive online presence further. Take a look at how we took an online bicycle bearing company to the top of the search results and supported their company’s overall growth.
After coming across Outrank, Jonathan, director at Aire Velo Bearings spoke with our accountant management team, he was keen to see how we could help grow his business online. While Jonathan hadn’t originally considered a new website, we demonstrated a number improvements that could be achieved from a brand-new and updated website design and build. So, we set out to provide the full package – responsive web design and development along with a search engine optimisation plan. The aim was to improve their online presence and Google rankings while targeting as a national client as well as increase conversions and customer website clicks.
Aire Velo Bearings is known for offering a full range of quality bike bearings across the UK. With this and their strong reputation in mind it was essential that these key values and factors were incorporated while designing, developing and optimising the site.

The Web Design and Development Process

The design and development of the new site would involve a number of processes, this included branding, professional product photography and imagery, optimised website content, the site’s responsiveness and user experience. Aire Velo Bearings branding was heavily incorporated into the website build and content optimisation, this included fonts, styling, colours, images, tone of voice and wording. As the site’s main focus is the bicycle bearings that it provides, the design incorporated lots of products, so it was essential that the layout, branding and photography worked together and complemented each other.
We then tackled the development aspects of the site, we demonstrated a number improvements that could be achieved and we provided a number of website fixes and streamlining solutions. We worked closely with Jonathan and helped to ensure the website design was responsive as well as clearing up any technical warnings and errors that will have occurred over time. Some of the main work included installing and updating the website plugins, this doesn’t just make sure that the website runs to its maximum capacity it also ensures that search engine optimisations can be carried out as efficiently as possible on the site platform.

The SEO Campaign

With a fully functioning website and a distinguished focus for company growth and product sales, it was time for Aire Velo Bearings to take the next step with a fully-fledged SEO campaign. The SEO plan was fairly straight forward and we set to optimise the particular product categories that Aire Velo Bearings provides, this included targeting a number of keywords, phrases and related key terms focused around ‘bike bearings’. Further optimisations consisted of looking at Aire Velo Bearings’s competitors’ websites and semantic keyword research. The main aim of this was to ensure that the site, its categories and its products had the best chance of achieving the highest rankings in the SERPs. We could then work on conversions and encourage customers to click through and purchase the products. Overall the long-term goals of Aire Velo Bearings SEO strategy was to support getting the website in front of a wider audience, as well as increasing traffic, customers and sales.
The technical aspects of the SEO plan for Aire Velo Bearings included a range of optimisation work to the website itself. Due to the style of Aire Velo Bearings’s website, it’s very visual and includes 1000s of product images, an area which is updated frequently with new products being included in their online collections everyday. When it comes to lots of images, speed improvements are essential, this covers reducing file and photo sizes in order to improve or maintain the speed of the site. Website speed is essential in search engine optimisation as it has such a big effect on internet users who are viewing, clicking and interacting with your website. Ensuring that the website operates as quickly as possible and runs smoothly will overall have a big impact on how the site is received by potential customers, especially when it comes to ecommerce websites and buying products online.
Another vital part of Aire Velo Bearings’s SEO strategy involves ongoing link outreach, link outreach promotes a website’s strength and overall positively affects a site’s Google rankings. As Aire Velo Bearings’s website was brand new to Google, it was important that we worked on raising their backlink profile as this would provide overall strength to the website and how it sits in the SERPs. We set out a link plan that would include NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks and premium link outreach. These links help to enhance Aire Velo Bearings’s organic visibility on Google, as the link campaign goes on, visibility improves and helps to attract more qualified traffic which then increases lead and online revenue production.

The End Result

Aire Velo Bearings was more than happy with the direction that Outrank provided, our team of experienced website designers and fully-fledged SEO specialists provided a thorough plan and direction for an already successful company. Our expert team is constantly working towards going further for each and every one of our customers. Whether it’s to include innovative tools into web design or incorporate new techniques into SEO campaigns. For more information or to discuss a project with us, then be sure to contact us.

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