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Apple Fostering, a London Fostering Agency was looking for a way to take their business online. They found Outrank and were intrigued to see how the SEO Agency could help them to further their branding presence online, as well as take them to the top of the SERPs. Here we take a look at how we supported this business’s growth online and in the search engine results.

Local Business Listings

After speaking to the account management team at Outrank, Daniel from Apple Fostering purchased an Apple Maps and Bing Maps business listing. Outrank’s team optimised the listings, they were picked up in the search results and Apple Fostering saw an increase in traffic to their website and enquiries for their services. Bing and Apple Maps listings help to improve a business’s local search presence online, as well as offer more exposure and presence on the web. These listings are also useful as they will provide a number of useful statistics – such as how many people visit your website or call you directly through the listing. Daniel at Apple Fostering was interested to see what else Outrank could do to help his London agency to go further.

As the Bing and Apple Maps listing were so successful, Outrank’s account managers recommended that Apple Fostering consider a Bizify and Google My Business listing. The Outrank team optimised Apple Fostering’s Bizify and Google My Business listing which further established the company online and also provided a range of excellent growth statistics. Google My Business listings help to improve a company’s local search presence, they help to provide overall exposure and presence on the web. Google Local listings can also encourage the amount of people that visit your website or call you directly. When it comes to Bizify listings, Bizify is a business directory, having an optimised bizify listing can help to improve your website’s backlink portfolio as well as local search presence for the main services that you offer, it will provide more exposure and encourage more visitors to your website.

Link Outreach

The link outreach plan of Apple Fostering’s SEO project involved outreach to links that will help to improve the website’s current strength, as well as promote an overall positive effect on the site’s SERPs on Google. Outrank’s SEO team provided a link plan for Apple Fostering’s website and after carrying out an assessment on their current link profile, we saw a number of opportunities where we could improve their link strength. The link outreach that we carried out included citations and paid links.

The Outrank Agency team researched and submitted a range of citations to support Apple Fostering, the local and niche citations that we built aim to help improve the brand’s presence across the web as well as support Apple Fostering’s referral traffic. When it comes to paid links, this includes national directories submissions, they are designed to improve the business’s presence across the web and also aim to support referral traffic. The paid links that we submitted for Apple Fostering will also improve the overall domain metrics – trust and citation flow.

These link outreach solutions aim to help to improve a website’s organic visibility on Google and in the SERPs, as well as increase visibility and help to attract more qualified traffic, which will increase leads and online enquiries.


Daniel was looking to take Apple Fostering’s agency further, and he was happy to come across Outrank. He put his trust in our experts and we provided successful SEO techniques that improved Apple Fostering’s online visibility, rankings and brand awareness. After working closely with Daniel and this team, this allowed us to go further and support the company’s online growth with responsive SEO strategies like link outreach and online business listings. What are you waiting for? Outrank can help grow your business online today!

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