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Archway Joinery offers joinery and carpentry services in Westoning and across Bedfordshire. They are a well established business who have been offering their services for many years now. Their services range from bespoke windows and doors to bespoke staircases. If it’s wooden, Archway Joinery are likely to be able to do it! So, for those looking for joinery services in Bedfordshire, we would strongly recommend Archway Joinery as they have fantastic attention to detail with huge customer satisfaction.

With such an experienced portfolio, we’re delighted to say that Archway Joinery has been a client of ours since early 2015. So much so, we have been taking care of their website design and SEO ever since. We’re proud to say that Archway Joinery is a client of ours, and would love to explain more about our business relationship with them.

Web Design and Development

Having been a client of ours for over five years now, Archway Joinery has had a couple of websites built by us. This has kept them in with the latest trends and developments rather than getting left behind with an outdated design. Especially with the services that Archway Joinery provide, it would only be right to ensure that they’re shown in the best possible light. This is where our web design and development services come into play.

Tim, the business owner at Archway Joinery has worked on a large number of projects over the years, all of which have been simply amazing in their own right. This is what we wanted to reflect on the website design, that his work really is out of this world and was well represented to any potential customers. We have seen Tim’s work, and whether it be on windows and doors throughout an entire property or the staircase in a home, he really does go the extra mile and his attention to detail is phenomenal. He can quite literally bring your ideas to life, completely transforming your home for the better.

For the web design for Archway Joinery, it was clear to us that good use of imagery throughout the site was important. As well as being able to provide details and descriptions of the work. We wanted it to be quick and easy for customers to call for a quote too, so we made sure that the click to call opportunities were included within the design. We also worked on the user performance of the website sitewide, as we want any users to be able to navigate throughout the site with ease. Not forgetting, of course, the content within the website, which we will move onto now with their SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

As mentioned above, Archway Joinery has been a client of Outrank’s for over five years now. So it’s fair to say that we have watched them grow and succeed for some time. We would like to say that their website and SEO has played a huge part in their success. Alongside the outstanding quality of work, their website and SEO is getting them exactly where they need to be. We believe that our website and SEO has complimented the work of Archway Joinery extremely well as it’s been able to shine a light onto his projects, whilst working towards getting Tim found for his main terms and locations. All in all, we have really enjoyed working with Archway Joinery and look forward to the future of our continuous work and growing his website and results.

SEO is built based on three main aspects, technical, links and content. So, with a little bit of TLC, you can move your website forward. This is something that we have achieved and are achieving with Archway Joinery. Their monthly SEO campaign provides a good ratio of technical, links and content that allows us to focus on what’s important that month for the business and the website. We can look into previous months, upcoming months and strategise on what is going to help grow this business further. This is something that we look into for all our clients as we truly do want the best for our customers, with results to back it up.

We have been providing SEO for Archway Joinery for many years now, so to look back on previous insights and performance from over time is highly rewarding for us as we can see the difference the campaign is making. Our strategies work extremely well as we can focus on a good ratio of technical, links and content and also work on localisation for the client. This means that we can look to ensure that they’re getting found locally for their main services. It’s fair to say that Archway Joinery is doing just that as his services are being found across Bedfordshire.

The Results

Having looked into their insights and website performance, we can see how well their SEO campaign is performing and everything is going in the right direction. They have great rankings with lots of first places and first page positions for plenty if not all of their main terms and locations. Along with their latest web design, we can see their continuous SEO campaign is paying off and everything is moving forward. This is great to see for us! It confirms that their campaign is working as best we could hope and that we can see improvements both onsite and on SERPs.

Web Design & SEO Bedfordshire

If your business is based locally in Bedfordshire, come to Outrank for your website design and SEO campaign. We are one of the leading North East marketing agencies so regardless of your industry or what you’re looking to achieve we’re confident in saying our web design and search engine optimisation can support you in getting there. We want to see growth in our client’s business, both with their insights, performance and most importantly their sales. We work with all sized businesses across the UK and even globally. So, choose Outrank and let us help to grow your business. You won’t regret it! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our web design and SEO services. We would love to hear from you.

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