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When in need of a website refresh and a campaign to take their online presence further, AT Beauford, a prestigious wedding car hire company in London, came across professional website design, development and SEO company, Outrank. We take a look at one of our longest established client relationships and how we helped turn their local business around.

The start of a brilliant partnership

As a luxury wedding car hire company in London, AT Beauford is renowned for their collection of classic, vintage and elegant wedding cars. Their was performing quite well, however it was time for a fresh new look to support the well-known name AT Beauford had become. With a large collection of some of the finest classic cars in the UK, AT Beauford’s director, Theo, was keen to showcase his elite range of vehicles and promote his wedding car hire services. So, we put in place a plan to design and create a brand new website that was fully responsive, as well as a full SEO package to follow in order to support and promote AT Beauford’s range of services.

Located in London, AT Beauford is equipped with some of the finest cars available for wedding car hire, including modern, classic and vintage cars. As well as wedding car hire, AT Beauford can also provide cars for other luxury event hire and serves London including central London and the surrounding areas. The cars themselves are rare and have been extremely popular over the years including being used for a range of films and promotions. With such a wonderful range of vehicles, AT Beauford was keen to make their mark and be the number one choice for couples’ wedding car hire all over the capital city. With such a unique selection of cars, it was important that they were the main focus of the new website, while still conveying to prospective customers that these luxury vehicles are available for a range of car hire services.

A total online solution for a thriving London based company

The design and development of the new site would involve a number of processes, this included branding, professional photography and imagery, optimised website content, the site’s responsiveness and user experience. AT Beauford’s branding was heavily incorporated into the website build and content optimisation, this included fonts, styling, colours, images, tone of voice and wording. As the site’s main focus is the vehicles that it provides, the design incorporated lots of imagery, so it was essential that the branding and photography worked together and complemented each other.

All of the website content for AT Beauford would be written and optimised by our SEO team, the team worked closely alongside AT Beauford’s director, Theo, ensuring that the wording reflected the cars and service they provide. Detailed specifications for each of the cars would also be incorporated into the new website, so it was essential that all of the information for each vehicle was correct and supported the luxury car hire service they were providing. As such a great opportunity to create and build a truly unique website as well as provide optimised content and branding for a flourishing London based company, the team worked together in order to make sure that we came up with the right online solution.

Another must for the website was responsiveness, the current site wasn’t particularly effective or efficient for users to view or use, so it was important that the new site was reactive. A fully functioning contact form would need to be included on the new AT Beauford site, the nature of AT Beauford and its services is something that will be booked in advance, so a contact form will allow online enquiries instantly, a great benefit for customers. The online contact form allowed customers and clients to get in touch with AT Beauford and request a call back from Theo and his team, who can help to take the enquiry further via a phone call or meeting. The overall design of the site was extremely important as well as being visual, customers require a friendly site that’s not complicated to use and also includes call to actions to encourage enquiries, as well as supporting strong Google rankings.

The new website launch

The new website is very visual which helps to showcase the stars of show, AT Beauford’s luxury fleet of vehicles. It also provides a range of information on the car hire and services that they provide. With different sections dedicated to each unique vehicle, as a user, navigation around the site is easy, meaning you can find exactly what you’re looking for almost instantly. The site’s design is stunning yet simple, and provides striking images of the cars, making them stand out and encouraging users to click. Having achieved a professional and luxury looking site that works, it was time to move on to the next part of the project, supporting AT Beauford’s online presence through an SEO campaign.

The SEO project

After creating a brand new, fully functional and perfectly designed website, the SEO campaign that we put together was focused on boosting AT Beauford’s online presence, as well as supporting rankings for their wedding car hire service in London. We set to further optimise the site which covered their wedding car hire services in the London area and also each vehicle in their luxury car hire fleet. We set to optimise the homepage and the ‘fleet’ page, as well as each car’s dedicated page, this was all focused around wedding cars and car hire in London, as well as luxury cars, vintage cars and classic cars, we also used keywords focused around the car manufacturers and brands. This ensured that we got the website in front of a wider audience, increasing traffic and brand awareness.

Another part of the SEO campaign was to provide articles and update the website’s blog section. Blogs and informative articles that are high quality and cover relevant topics help to support a website’s rankings. The blog topics that we worked on covered the vehicles in AT Beauford’s fleet – the type of vehicle, its history etc, as well as articles on the services that AT Beauford provides. Blogs and articles are a way of providing users with more information about a company’s services, as well as touching on relevant industry news, while doing this the blog posts can use a range of on page SEO tactics that can provide more opportunities for your business to rank in the SERPs.


Theo was looking for a web design and SEO company to help take their business further, and they were pleased to come across Outrank. Our aim was to improve visibility while offering a cleaner and fresher website. Working closely with Theo allows us to go further and offer top ranking terms for a number of highly competitive London terms. Are you ready to go further online? Then why not contact a member of our team today!

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