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We have worked with Charles and the rest of the team at Bellwood Rewinds for a number of years, the relationship between our team and theirs has helped us to see continued success. From evergrowing search results to evolving websites, we have taken Bellwood to the next level, which has helped to make him one of the leading generator companies in the UK.

Our passion is seeing a client grow from a small business into a true national competitor and this is what we achieved with Bellwood Rewinds. But all the hard work hasn’t just been done by us, Charles is very hands-on with the business and his ever-popular presence on LinkedIn has only strengthened his own brand.

A Fresh New Look

The Bellwood Rewinds website has always been one for change, we have had to constantly adapt the way it works to ensure it’s supporting user experience. The continued growth of the business has meant we have had to always adapt the way e-commerce works to drive both the right results for us, Charles and the customer.

As with any website we started by stripping it back to the bare bones but we never lost the heart of what the Bellwood name is all about. From there we built the site up and working closely with our SEO team allowed us to create the best website design for both users and our search team. Once the new website went live things really changed.

Powered Up Performance

Just like a generator powers up a building, the new Bellwood Rewinds website powered up our search results. Within just a few weeks we had seen a huge growth in traffic and there has been a number of occasions where Bellwood Rewinds have even run short of generators themselves.

With a website that was performing well and customers who were loving the new website design, we had to think where to go next? Well, when it comes to search engine optimisation there is no true top, results are always changing and there’s always something more to achieve and that’s what we are doing now.

Continued Search Growth for Bellwood Rewinds

SEO is non stop for Bellwood and his campaign continues to grow as does his business, from offering new services to extending his generator range, the possibilities are endless. We have seen terms such as ‘Hiab Hire’, ‘Used Generators’, ‘Generator Repair’ and ‘Used Generators For Sale’ maintain great positioning whilst driving relevant traffic to the Bellwood Rewinds website.

With Bellwood we are always looking at new routes to take and what additional terms to be targeting. Monitoring tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics and Pro Rank Tracker allow us to monitor growth, areas for improvement, as well as new opportunities. Our campaigns aren’t just built around search they’re built around our clients needs too.

Having a close working relationship with Charles has only strengthened the search campaign and the growth of his business. From allowing time to achieve results to supporting each other when times are tough, the relationship we have with Bellwood is the relationship we aim for with all our clients.

Planning for the Future

As we previously said we never stop and we are already putting plans into place for the future and where to take Bellwood Rewinds next. Whether it’s new branding or product offerings for search, we will continue to work closely with Charles and the team to continue pushing his business forward.

Our goals are set out across 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and we regularly review performance and our approach to work to ensure the results are heading in the only direction that matters, up. Planning for the future with ethical SEO practices will only achieve success for your business, just like it has for Bellwood Rewinds.

Going Further with Outrank

Just like Bellwood Rewinds has, why not take your business to the next level with Outrank? We can work with you to help find the best direction to take the business in, whether it’s a fresh website design or a tailored SEO campaign. No matter what your online marketing needs might be, we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation, one of our team is always on hand to assist.

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