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Having been working with Paul Cramphorn and his team at Detailed Planning over the last 5 years, we have established a strong relationship which has permitted us to create the foundations for SEO success. From improving the site’s search results to increasing the website’s traffic, we have taken Detailed Planning to the next level and this has supported them to become an industry leader!

The Outrank team has a passion for seeing a company grow, from increasing its online presence to becoming a big competitor on Google, and with Detailed Planning, this is exactly what we have achieved, having managed to get the company found and ranking for a big term such as ‘Loft Conversions London‘. It’s essential to understand that all of this hard work hasn’t just been completed by the Outrank website team, Paul is very hands-on with the business and none of this could be done without Detailed Planning’s direction and involvement in the campaign. Our design, development, SEO work and local campaigns have added a wealth of strength to the campaign and the site’s online presence.

Local SEO

After coming across Outrank, Paul, of Detailed Planning, discussed direction with our account management team, which led to him purchasing a Bizify business listing. The Outrank team optimised the Bizify listing which then picked up in Google search results, the Detailed Planning site then saw an uplift in traffic to their website as well as enquiries for their services.

Detailed Planning’s website was a big part of their SEO campaign, it has been vital so that the site can adapt to the requirements of internet users and Google. As with most website work, we began with the company’s message and ethos in mind.

Efficiency and Performance

With an SEO campaign and link building strategies that have performed well over the past few years, we haven’t finished yet. We have taken them to the top position and they are now considered to be one of London’s leading architect firms, as well as effective service and location pages, we have built up their topical strength through relevant articles such as ‘8 Different Types of Articles‘ and ‘Architect Vs Architectural Technologist‘. as well as Bizify Blogs Detailed Planning – Keeping Up With Modern Trends. We have so much more in the pipeline for Detailed Planning, results and driving factors are always changing, and there’s always something more to achieve and that’s what we are doing now.

Continued Growth

The SEO campaign for Detailed Planning continues to grow as does the business, from providing different services, we have seen terms such as ‘planning consultants’ and ‘architectural design services’ maintain a strong position and continue to drive relevant traffic to the website. This includes ranking in the top position for their main keyword – ‘architectural services London’ as well as the top postion for architects in North London both on Google and through the client’s Google My Business profile.

Detailed Planning are always looking at ways to improve their online presence as well as include new keywords that they should be targeting. Monitoring tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics and Search Console allow us to monitor growth, areas for improvement and new opportunities.

Having a close working relationship with Paul and his team has only strengthened the search campaign and the growth of Detailed Planning. From allowing a timely organic growth to maintaining an established working relationship.

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Just like Detailed Planning has, why not take your business to the next level with Outrank? We can work with you to take your business in the best direction, from a fresh website design to a tailored SEO campaign. No matter what your online marketing needs might be, we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation, one of our team is always on hand to assist.

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