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Easy Paye Limited, a Hertfordshire-based payroll company, was looking to take their already thriving business further online. Easy Paye Limited, also known as React Accountancy, found Outrank and were intrigued to see how the SEO Agency could help them to expand their online presence and increase their rankings. Here we take a look at how we supported this company’s growth online and in the search engine results.


The payroll and accountancy website was missing content, so we put together a plan that focused on adding new relevant pages of optimised content. This was to improve the site’s ranking ability for particular keywords and also included service and location pages that were optimised by the SEO team. This was an essential part of the strategy and it was also important that the company used the right keywords and phrases in order to keep to the business’s branding. The pages were based on payroll services and included a number of keywords, related terms and competitor research, the focus also covered locations. The pages involved introducing new keywords and strong pieces of content to the site and to Google. This aims to overall provide strength to the site which will work towards targeting the main keywords and key terms for payroll and payroll services.


The technical part of the SEO plan for Easy Paye Limited covered a range of further optimisation work to the website itself. This also included making the website more responsive and user-friendly, our team of technical experts added informative sidebars to the service pages on the site, they included a call to action, ‘request a quote’ button, links to the latest news and blogs, as well as contact information. The side bar made it much easier for customers to see what the company offers as well as how they can get in touch with them.

Technical updates and streamlining help to improve the responsiveness of the website as well as its accessibility from a user perspective. It’s also important to keep up to date with the latest website updates, this will make sure that the website is fully reactive and receptive for the web and customers.


The link outreach plan for Easy Paye Limited involved outreach to links that aimed to improve the website’s current strength, as well as provide an overall positive effect on the site’s SERPs on Google. The SEO team created a link plan for Easy Paye Limited’s website and after carrying out an assessment on their current link profile, our experts saw many opportunities of where we could improve their link strength.

Link outreach aims to help to improve a website’s organic visibility on Google as well as in the SERPs and also to increase visibility and help to attract more qualified traffic, which will increase leads and online enquiries.

The Results!

The Easy Paye Limited team were hoping to improve their online presence and were pleased to come across Outrank Agency. As trusted specialists, we make sure that we provide successful SEO techniques that not only help to improve the company’s online visibility, rankings and brand awareness but also the customer journey and experience. We went further to support the company’s online growth with responsive SEO strategies and link outreach, so get in touch, Outrank can help grow your business online today!

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