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Hedox Clinic came to us as a recommendation from another client we work with. Upon taking them on as a client, we thought everything would run smoothly. After a full assessment of their current website, we found we were working with an older platform, that couldn’t do what we wanted it to do or what the client needed it to do either.

After a long discussion with Hedox Clinic, we decided a new website was the best course of action to achieve the results we both desired. With Hedox Clinic it was important to create a website that reflects their brand and client base; something that was modern, informative and easy to use as well.

Giving The Website A Fresh New Look

Hedox Clinic is one of the leading aesthetics clinics in London, they provide a wide range of services from anti-wrinkle injections to fillers and much more. While Hedox Clinic was already established locally, it lacked the same online presence. During the design process, we worked closely with the Stephen at Hedox Clinic to ensure we fully understood the brief and his client base, this allowed us to push forward with a fresh approach. From the offset, our web design team were passionate about creating a modern but clinical looking website that appealed to the public and Hedox Clinic’s potential customers.

However, it wasn’t all just about the look, the website needed to reflect what they do in a detailed way too. The final design was perfect, it appealed to both the client and functioned in the way it needed to as well. By moving Hedox Clinic to a WordPress platform, we had created a website that not only looked great but one that could be adapted and changed over time. Just like aesthetics, the website needed to be capable of holding its own in an everchanging and growing market; whilst also being able to adapt and change over time.

Striving For Success With SEO

While the website was in build, we didn’t put our feet up and wait for it to launch, we started thinking about what we could be doing while the project was being built. We set off to work on a content plan, this allowed us to identify the most searched for keywords and any keywords that related to this. We mapped out the keywords for both London and the boroughs within it.

In addition to preparing new fresh content for the website, we started looking into the client’s backlink profile. We carried out an assessment into the current backlinks they had and then worked on building from there. As with any form of link based SEO campaign, it’s important to build good foundations with a mixture of national, local and niche citations.

Once we had completed submitting these, we then assessed their competitors to see what backlinks they had and what we could build. By the time we had completed the initial citation build and competitor research, the website was ready to launch. From here we would then put our plans into action and begin Hedox Clinic’s SEO campaign.

Staying Fresh In The Ever Changing World Of Aesthetics

From the beginning of the SEO campaign it was imperative that we remained flexible in our focus to ensure we were hitting the ground running. Some of the bigger terms we looked to push were Botox, Aesthetics and Fillers. Our SEO team worked closely with the client to ensure the content we produced was both search-friendly while providing accurate information on the procedures they offered.

Then we hit a snag, a new regulation around Botox and its advertising was coming into place. At first, there was some slight panic that we could be losing one of the biggest traffic terms. Did we rush to change? No! What we did do was wait for the industry to settle to how other people handled it, then we’d strike. Once we had a better understanding of the industry and how things needed to change, we then took the next steps.

Our close working relationship with the client made it easy to overcome any hurdles we had coming our way. Month on month we have seen continuous improvement with Hedox Clinic and we don’t plan on slowing down either. We have a number of terms with front page ranking positions such as ‘Smile Line Fillers London’, ‘Obagi Hydrate UK’ and ‘Aesthetics North London’.

What’s Next For Hedox Clinic with Outrank?

Now we have achieved some good base rankings we planning on continually building on these. Our aim is to ensure visibility of main key terms on the first page, whilst working on improving current click-through rate, by optimising of the meta data and through the use of FAQ schema. The options for Hedox Clinic’s campaign are endless and we will continue our relationship with the client; going further together. Are you interested in a new website or considering an SEO campaign? Then be sure to contact us today. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

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