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We have been working with Tom at Leeds Lock Doc for the past few years; this has allowed us to establish a great working relationship and the foundations for website success. From improving the business’s brand and online presence with business directories to driving the website’s search results with optimised SEO content and link building, we have taken Leeds Lock Doc to the next level, making sure that they become an industry leader!

At Outrank, our team has a passion for seeing a company grow, from increasing its online presence to becoming a big competitor on Google. It’s also important to understand that all of this hard work hasn’t just been completed by the Outrank team, Tom is a hands-on business owner, and none of this could have been done without him. Our local SEO campaigns and strategies have added strength and directed the right traffic to Leeds Lock Doc.

Local SEO

After coming across Outrank, Tom at Leeds Lock Doc discussed their requirements with our account management team, which encouraged them to purchase a Bizify business listing. The Outrank team optimised the Bizify listing, which then picked up in Google search results; the website then saw an increase in traffic to their website as well as enquiries for their services. Tom then purchased a Google My Business optimisation package, and the GMB listing ranks as the number one Google position for ‘emergency locksmith Leeds’; its success meant that Leeds Lock Doc started to see an uplift in the number of enquiries that the business was receiving from the website.

Web Design

When it comes to the web design for Leeds Lock Doc, it was clear to us that providing as much information and as many details as possible of the work was important. We wanted to make it quick and easy for customers to get in touch, so we made sure that the ‘call to action’ buttons were included within the design. We also worked on the user performance of the website sitewide, as we want any users to be able to navigate throughout the site with ease. Not forgetting, of course, the content within the website, which covers their SEO campaign.
Optimising Leeds Lock Doc’s website was a big part of their SEO campaign; it was very important to work with the site so that it could be optimised and adapted to the requirements of internet users and Google. We set to work on optimising the website with the company’s message and ethos in mind.

Efficiency and Performance

With an SEO campaign that includes optimised content and service pages as well as link building, Leeds Lock Doc has seen a great initial uplift since joining Outrank. We have so much more planned for this excellent business, and we are just getting started. Google results and driving factors are constantly changing, but there’s always something more to achieve and strive for.

The SEO campaign for Leeds Lock Doc is continuing to grow; we have provided different service pages across the site that include key terms and phrases, including a first-page position for ‘Locksmith Leeds’. As well as 18 other relevant locksmith keywords that are ranking extremely well, this includes ‘lock repair Leeds’ and ‘lock installation Leeds’.

Leeds Lock Doc is always looking at new ways to improve their online presence as well as include new keywords that they should be targeting. Monitoring tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Search Console allow us to monitor growth, areas for improvement and new opportunities.

By having a close working relationship with Tom, this has allowed us to strengthen the search campaign and the growth of Leeds Lock Doc. From allowing timely organic growth to maintaining an established working relationship.

Go Further with Outrank

Just like Leeds Lock Doc has, why not take your business further with Outrank? We can work with you to take your business in the right direction, from a fresh website design to a tailored SEO campaign. No matter what your online marketing needs might be, we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation; one of our team is always on hand to help.

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