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London Interventional Clinic is the sister company of Hedox Clinic. As one of the leading pain management clinics in London, they have practices based across a number of areas such as Hammersmith, Harley Street and a number of other locations. The aim of London Interventional Clinic is to help patients deal with a number of conditions such as sciatica, chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines and other conditions that can be treated through pain management.

London Interventional Clinic came to Outrank initially as an SEO client, however similar to Hedox we discovered the website was built on an outdated platform that simply didn’t offer the same flexibility as other platforms such as WordPress. We had a discussion with Stephen and the team and decided the best course of action to take was to design and build a new website for London Interventional Clinic.

Pushing Forward With A New Website

When we took on London Interventional Clinic, they already had a really strong brand so it was imperative we built around this and didn’t change how they were already known in London. We took what they already had as a foundation and built on this, working closely with the client to achieve what they desired. One of the great things about London Interventional Clinic is they already had a really clean and fresh colour scheme to work with.

When developing the website, we needed something that appealed to all types of clients, from those that were seeking more information to those that wanted a proactive approach to treatment. Working alongside Stephen and his team, meant our website designer could break down the website into specific sections, relating to both diagnosis and treatment. The finished result of the website meant we now had a clean and modern website ready to tackle SEO with.

Straight Forward SEO Campaign

The building of the website allowed us to plan and prepare the SEO campaign before it had launched. From the content we would produce to the links we would build, we had given both us and London Interventional Clinic a head start with their SEO campaign. During the web design project, we had developed a great relationship with both Stephen and his team, which made working on his SEO much easier.

Every piece of content we produced, we worked with one of London Interventional Clinic’s team members to ensure it both promoted their treatments but remained medically factual as well. The relationship with the client has made it much easier for us to see long term success with the client’s SEO campaign.

Growing Search Presence Online

We have worked on the London Interventional Campaign for a number of months now and have seen some great uplift in their rankings and Analytics Metrics. Everything we do month on month is based around the client’s requirements and our own research through SEMrush, Search Console and Analytics.

Our reporting process has made it easy for London Interventional Clinic to see the work we have carried out and what work we have planned next. The most successful campaigns are the ones with a good relationship and where the client listens to our advice and takes it on board and London Interventional Clinic is a perfect example of this.

Outrank and London Interventional Clinic – Going Forward Together

With a new website and an SEO campaign that is performing better than we could have imagined, we’re looking forward to continuing a long relationship with London Interventional Clinic. With first page positions for terms such as, ‘Back Pain North London’ and ‘Coccyx Specialist London’, the only way is up for the client. If you’re considering purchasing a new website or starting an SEO campaign, then why not get in touch? We offer free consultations for both SEO and web design.

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