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Power Forwarding Ltd, a international freight forwarding provider based in Essex, came across Outrank and were intrigued to see how the firm could help them to take their already thriving business further. Here we take a look at how Outrank supported Power Forwarding Ltd by taking their freight services to the top of the search results and excelling the company’s overall growth.

Power Forwarding Ltd have been providing freight forwarding solutions for a number of years and their services cover sea, air and road freight, warehousing, customs clearance services and Amazon warehouse delivery. As expert distributors when it comes to delivering a range of freight solutions, Power Forwarding are the team to call on, they ship items across the UK, Europe and on a worldwide scale. They transport a range of goods and ensure a comprehensive service as well as having extensive connections across the globe and working with a number of major airlines and port operators. Having grown naturally over the past few years, the company was keen to take the next step and improve their search results as well as their overall online presence.

After speaking closely with our team, Robert, Power Forwarding Ltd Director, purchased a Google My Business optimisation package. The GMB listing picked up and Power Forwarding Ltd started to see an uplift in traffic from new customers through the GMB listing. With a wealth of experience in freight forwarding as well as being home to a team of experts, Robert was happy to broaden the business’s horizons and grow the website organically online. Robert thought that the current Power Forwarding website was effective but felt like it could benefit from some SEO improvements, so we worked alongside him and put together an SEO strategy to help boost the website’s online presence, Google rankings, customer enquiries and conversions.

Content, links and technical – The SEO Plan

The search engine optimisation plan that we put together for Power Forwarding Ltd included content optimisation, technical improvements and link outreach. The content part of the strategy involved writing new optimised service and location pages, these would be added to the site over a longer period of time, slowly but surely introducing new keywords to the site and to Google; this helps to gradually improve the site’s strength as well as making sure that it wasn’t flooded and overloaded with new content all in one go. These new location pages and service pages were all based on a range of research including keywords, related, semantic terms and competitor research. Keyword research was focused around ‘freight’, ‘freight forwarding’, ‘sea freight’, ‘air freight’, ‘road freight’, ‘warehousing’ and ‘sourcing’. The pages also focused on key local areas and city locations across the UK, as well as content that incorporated national and international terms. The areas that we focused on included Essex, Birmingham, as well as China and Japan. We also worked on improving and expanding on the current content, assessing what was and wasn’t working; helping to improve the overall rankings for pages.

The technical aspects of the SEO plan for Power Forwarding Ltd included a range of optimisation work to the website itself. This covered speed improvements, where we would install new and update current website plugins, as well as reducing file and image sizes. The speed of a website is essential when it comes to search engine optimisation as it has such a big impact on user experience. The speed of your site will impact on the amount of internet users who are viewing, clicking and interacting with your website. Ensuring that the website operates as quickly as possible and runs smoothly will overall effect how the site is received by potential customers. Not only this, but ensuring that the website is technically streamlined will also ensure that is the perfect base for search optimisation, making sure that the website runs to its full capacity will also ensure that SEO can be carried out as efficiently as possible on the site platform.

Another area of technical search engine optimisation covers schema markup, there are a number of different types of schema that can be inputted into a site but the one that we felt were the most important for Power Forwarding Ltd’s site when considering its strength and positions was local business schema. Local business schema was also an important part of Power Forwarding’s optimisation plan, when local business schema markup is used in a site it instantly communicates to Google that this website is a local business, as well as highlighting the area that it is based in, this provides added strength to the website which Google will favour, especially when considering Power Forwarding’s competitors.

Another vital part of any SEO strategy involves ongoing link outreach, link outreach promotes a website’s strength and overall positively affects a site’s Google rankings. We set out a link plan for Power Forwarding Ltd that would cover NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks, guest posting and outreach. All of these links help to enhance Power Forwarding Ltd’s organic visibility on Google, as the link campaign goes on, Power Forwarding Ltd’s visibility improves and helps to attract more qualified traffic which then increases leads and enquiries. The link plan also includes acquiring a number of premium and paid links, these links would be focused on particular pages across the site. Premium links tend to rank higher above other listings on directories, this will increase the chances of getting found for particular services or products. Not only that, but premium link submissions come from higher strength websites and sources, allowing it to pull through to the site. Premium inks also likely to drive more referral traffic to the website too, expanding your outreach and helping to further your marketing for the better.


Power Forwarding Ltd’s CEO, Robert was looking for a SEO company to help grow his freight forwarding business online and he was delighted to come across Outrank. From using innovative tools for responsive SEO to incorporating new search techniques into reactive campaigns, our goal is to help ensure a better future for all our clients, from user-friendly optimised websites to higher rankings in the SERPs, improved CTR and more service enquiries, when you choose Outrank to help grow your business, you won’t be disappointed!

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