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Raffles Trading Ltd, a kitchen and bathroom company who specialise in installations and design services in Redhill, Surrey, were looking to improve their brand awareness and online sales. They came across professional website design, development and SEO agency, Outrank, here we take a deeper look at how we helped to transform their business online through web design, development and search engine optimisation solutions.

New website design and SEO campaign

The design and development of the new site included a number of essential areas, such as branding, imagery and optimised website content as well as the site’s responsiveness and user experience. The current website didn’t reflect the high quality, luxury bathroom and kitchen installation services that Raffles Trading provided. With this in mind, we worked closely alongside Matthew and came up with suitable branding for the website, including a new logo as well as professional images, fonts, styling, tone of voice, wording and colours. The main focus for Raffles Trading was their luxurious bathroom and kitchen projects, so it was important that the design included a lot of imagery and that the branding and photography worked together and complemented each other.

All of the website content for Raffles Trading would be written and optimised by our SEO team, so an important part of this was that the wording reflected the brand and its values as well as its range of services. Optimised service and location page content was incorporated into the new website. As this was such a great opportunity to create and build not just a website but a brand as well, the team worked together in order to make sure that we took the new website in the right direction.

Another vital area of the website build included its responsiveness, the current site wasn’t particularly effective or efficient for users to view or use, so it was important that the new site was reactive. The overall design of the site was extremely important as well as being visual, customers require a friendly site that’s not complicated to use as well as being easy to make enquiries and supporting strong Google rankings.

After creating a brand new, fully functional and flawlessly designed website, the SEO campaign that we put together was focused on boosting Raffles Trading’s online presence – supporting rankings for their range of services, improving online enquiries and enhancing their brand locally. We set to further optimise the site which covered their extensive range of services. We carried out a range of keyword research focused on services and locations, and put together a content plan to optimise each service and location page. This supported getting the website in front of a wider audience, increasing traffic and brand awareness throughout the Surrey area.

Together, the strong website platform and powerful search engine optimisation plan catapulted Raffles Trading to the top of the search results, providing first page rankings for a number of keywords including ‘bathrooms Epsom’, ‘kitchens Surrey’, ‘bathrooms Surrey’ and ‘bathrooms Farnham’.

The impact

Matthew was looking for a web design and SEO company to help take their business further, and they were pleased to come across Outrank. Our aim was to improve their online visibility with a fresher website as well as getting their services ranking to help improve online enquiries. Working closely with Matthew allows us to go further and support top-ranking terms for a number of highly competitive product and brand keywords. So are you ready to go further online? Then why not contact a member of our team today!

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