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When looking for an established SEO company, Stucco Veneziano, an online based plastering company, came across Outrank and were interested to see how we could help them to take their already thriving business and further online.

An Online Solution for a Polished Plaster Company

After speaking closely with our team, Richard, Stucco Veneziano’s director, purchased a business directory with Bizify; part of the Outrank group. The directory soon picked up on Google and Stucco Veneziano started to receive an increasing number of enquiries from new customers. With years of experience in supplying a range of polished plaster as well as a team of specialists, Richard was keen to take the business further. Richard was happy with the current website that they had but felt like it wasn’t converting as much as it could be, so we worked alongside them and put together an SEO strategy to help boost their online presence, Google rankings and customer enquiries.
Stucco Veneziano is known for providing an efficient, high-quality range of polished plaster to a number of domestic and commercial clients across the UK, with this in mind it was important that these key values were always at the forefront of any search engine optimisation work that we provided on the site. We worked closely alongside Richard and developed an ongoing strategy that incorporated Stucco Veneziano’s short term and long-term goals.

The SEO Project

The search engine optimisation plan that we created for Stucco Veneziano included content optimisation, technical improvements and link outreach. The content part of the plan included writing new optimised service pages, the service pages would target the company’s main term ‘Polished Plaster’. These pages were created and added to the site over time, slowly introducing new keywords and strong pieces of content to the site and to Google, this will help to gradually improve the site’s strength and stop it from being flooded and overloaded with new content all in one go, as this can have a negative effect on rankings. These new pages and service pages were all based on a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms and competitor research. Creating these pages first added strength to the site by ranking for a range of services and locations, this helped to add overall strength to the site which will work towards targeting the main keywords and key terms for planning consultancy.
Another part of the SEO campaign was to provide articles and silo pages. Informative articles that are high quality and cover relevant topics help to support a website’s rankings. Introducing silo pages helps to strengthen the relevance of a service or a product which means we can look at what information people are searching for in relation to your products or services. By creating silo pages we support the main content and drive people from those pages back to your main service pages through internal linking. Silo pages are designed to provide factual and relevant information that people are looking for.
Another vital part of Stucco Veneziano’s SEO strategy involves ongoing link outreach, link outreach promotes a website’s strength and overall positively affects a site’s Google rankings. We set out a link plan for Stucco Veneziano that would include NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks, guest posting and outreach. These links help to enhance Stucco Veneziano’s organic visibility on Google, as the link campaign goes on, Stucco Veneziano’s visibility improves and helps to attract more qualified traffic which then increases lead and online revenue production.
The SEO campaign that we put together was focused on boosting Stucco Veneziano online presence – supporting rankings for their range of services, improving enquiries and enhancing their brand awareness. We carried out a range of keyword research focused on the services, manufacturers and brands and put together a content plan to optimise each product category and product. This supported getting the website in front of a wider audience, increasing traffic and brand awareness.

The Results

Theo was looking for a web design and SEO company to help take their business further, and they were pleased to come across Outrank. Our aim was to improve visibility while offering a cleaner and fresher website. Working closely with Richard allows us to go further and offer top ranking terms for a number of highly competitive terms. Are you ready to go further online? Then why not contact a member of our team today!

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