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Our experience of working with similar companies meant while we were paddling underwater to get things moving online, Swish also had to do their bit and row above water to build their name in the local area. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and it really can make or break a business, luckily for us, Swish got off to a flying start and the five-star reviews came rolling in.

Improved Website Design

Before we even started to think about search, we needed a website. With almost no online presence we had to work fast and our web development team pushed forward with a design that really made Swish Home Improvements stand out from the crowd. Swish wasn’t just another here today gone tomorrow, home improvement company, they wanted to build a brand that will be there for many years to come.

Combining our skills with Swish’s vision, we were able to create the perfect website that both reflected what we could do and what it needed to do for the business. With fantastic visuals and before and after images, we’d really delivered a website design that put Swish well ahead of its competitors. However, we didn’t stop there and now it was our job to get the website found on Google as well.

Back to Basics Search

We’re quite happy to admit we aren’t perfect and not everything runs as smoothly as we’d like it to and the first couple of months with Swish Home Improvements online marketing campaign were bumpy, to say the least. We’d thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the campaign and then we just stopped. We’d made so many changes and edits to the Swish Home Improvements website, that it was no longer what it was designed to be and it also wasn’t driving us a result that we were happy with either.

So what did we do you ask? We went back to the drawing board and put in plans to start again. Our search and web team worked closely together to come up with a fresh new concept that worked for both parties and this time we did things in reverse. Search went off and started their research into keywords and then produced content in the form of a super page, a page of content so topically relevant it covered everything both the user and Google need to know.

Once we’d produced the core pages of the website, it was then passed to our website designers, who created a design that suited the vast level of content without losing the users focus either. Now we had it, a website for Swish Home Improvements that worked for the users, the client and most importantly for SEO too.

Building The Road To Success

Going back to the drawing board gave us much stronger foundations to build on from there the campaign really started taking off. As all of the content was already fully written and expanded out to the maximum, it meant we could spend more time refining what we had produced, tweaking pages slightly to better suit them to the target audience and location.

Whilst doing this we worked on obtaining links that were relevant to Swish Home Improvements focusing on ‘Business’, ‘Home and Garden’ and ‘Construction and Maintenance’ topically relevant links. We worked on building these towards the domain and internal landing pages. This more stripped back approach to search allowed us to drive results quickly and in an ethical manner.

Continued Growth with Swish Home Improvements

We plan on working with Swish Home Improvements for many years to come and have planned out our focus for the next few months. During our time working with Swish Home Improvements, we have helped them to obtain a number of key positions for the main service they offer Windows.

One of the biggest positions we have gained for Swish is ‘Windows Middlesbrough’ that currently sits in first position, as well as a number of other window terms that are currently sat on the first page of Google such as ‘Windows Darlington’, ‘Windows Thirsk’ and ‘Windows Redcar’. Even in such a competitive market, the foundations we have built have allowed Swish to continue growing year on year.

Going Further Together

We believe we are now on a clear path for Swish Home Improvements and look forward to continuing working with them. Both parties working hard and pushing on has really helped to make the marketing campaign a success. If you’re looking for a local web design company in Middlesbrough or need help with SEO, then be sure to contact us today. One of the Outrank team is always on hand to help.

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