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When looking for a new SEO company to work on their site, The Cushion Guys, a Bedfordshire based custom cushion supplier, came across Outrank and were interested to see how we could help them to take their already thriving business, further online to a nationwide cient base.

Taking a Local Cushion Supplier Nationwide

After speaking closely with our team, Jonathan, The Cushion Guys’ director, took out the full SEO package, this included technical updates and fixes, new content and a link outreach campaign. Alongside this Jonathan also purchased a business directory with Bizify; part of the Outrank group. The directory soon picked up on Google and The Cushion Guys started to receive an increasing number of enquiries from new customers. Having been providing bespoke cushion supply services across Bedfordshire for a number of years, Jonathan was keen to take the business further and reflect their success on a nationwide basis. Jonathan was happy with his current website, but felt like it wasn’t converting as much as it could be, so we incorporated this into the new SEO strategy and worked towards boosting their online presence, Google rankings, customer enquiries and conversions.

The Cushion Guys is known for supplying high quality custom made cushions to customers and clients across Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. They are renowned for their high quality cushions and with this in mind it was important that this was incorporated into the search engine optimisation work that we provided on the site. We worked closely alongside Jonathan and developed an ongoing strategy that incorporated The Cushion Guy’s short term and long-term goals.

Content, Links and Technical – The Perfect Partnership

The search engine optimisation plan that we put together for The Cushion Guys included content optimisation, technical improvements and link outreach. The content focus of the strategy included writing new optimised service and location pages, these would be added to the site over a longer period of time, slowly but surely introducing new keywords to the site and to Google; this helps to gradually improve the site’s strength as well as making sure that it wasn’t flooded and overloaded with new content all in one go. The focus of these pages was foam, feather and fibre cushions, as well as locations in and surrounding Bedfordshire such as Chelmsford, Essex and Cambridgeshire. The new pages were all focused around research that was based on The Cushion Guys’ main keywords, related and semantic terms, we also carried out competitor research based . We also worked towards improving and expanding on the current website content, assessing what was and wasn’t working and optimising it; helping to improve the overall rankings for pages.

The technical areas of the SEO plan for The Cushion Guys covered a range of optimisation work to be provided to the website itself. This included speed improvements, this involves installing new and updating current plugins, as well as reducing file and image sizes. It’s important to recognise that the speed of a website is essential, especially when it comes to search engine optimisation, this is because it will have such a big impact on your website users who are viewing, clicking and interacting with your website.

Making sure that the website runs quickly and smoothly will have an overall impact on how the site is received by new and potential customers. Another vital area of technical search engine optimisation covers schema markup, there are so many different types of schema that can be included in a site, there were two in particular that were important for The Cushion Guys’ site, when looking at its strength and positions, this included review schema and local business schema.

Review schema runs through Google Reviews and includes a business’s Google reviews into their website makeup. One very important part that follows Google rankings, will be your site’s click-through rate and when a review schema has been installed into a site, it will pull through the star rating into the metadata on the SERPs. As The Cushion Guys’ Google reviews show 5-star ratings, so it was important that the review schema was included, so that when the site shows up in the SERPs, customers will see that they are 5 star rated before they even visit the website, and this will encourage the user to click. Local business schema is also an important part of The Cushion Guys’ optimisation plan, so when local business schema markup is used in a site it will communicate to Google that the website is a local business and it will also highlight the area that it is based in. This will provide added strength to the website which Google will favour, especially when considering The Cushion Guys’ competitors.

Another vital part of The Cushion Guys’ SEO strategy included ongoing link outreach, a link outreach campaign will promote a website’s strength and will overall positively affect the site’s Google rankings. Here we set out to create a link plan for The Cushion Guys that will include NAP consistent citations, NAP consistent backlinks, guest posting and outreach. These links will help to enhance The Cushion Guys’ organic visibility on Google, and as the link campaign goes on, the site’s visibility will improve and help to attract more qualified traffic which will then increase leads and conversions.

Big Conversions, Big Results – National Rankings

Jonathan was looking for an SEO company to grow The Cushion Guys’ online presence and was more than happy with the work that Outrank provided, we helped to take an already successful local business to the masses and The Cushion Guys is now ranking for a number of national terms.

Here at Outrank, our team of expert SEO specialists are constantly working towards going further for each and every one of our customers and clients. From new techniques and innovative tools, with every new SEO project that we provide, it’s our ultimate goal is to guarantee a better future for our customers and clients. from higher rankings in the SERPs to improved CTR, here at Outrank we think that anything is possible. So why not give us a call to see how we can help you to take your business further online.

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