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The Mortgage Depot, a specialist mortgage advisor based in Bristol, was looking for a way to take their already thriving mortgage advice service further. They discovered Outrank and were interested to see how they could help them to take their established mortgage broker company to the top of the SERPs. Take a look at how we supported this local business’s growth and online presence.

After coming across Outrank, Jon, Director of The Mortgage Depot, spoke with our account management team, and purchased a Bizify business listing. Outrank’s team optimised the Bizify listing which then picked up on Google search results, The Mortgage Depot saw an increase in traffic to their website and enquiries for their services. Having a wealth of experience in providing mortgage products, Jon was intrigued to see what else Outrank could do and how they could help his local Bristol Mortgage company. The Outrank team set out to provide the full package – a search engine optimisation content and link outreach plan. The aim of this was to help improve the website’s online presence as well as Google rankings and to increase conversions and customer website clicks.

The SEO Content Plan

The search engine optimisation plan that we created for D for Dog included content optimisation and link outreach. The site itself was already full of lots of informative pages regarding mortgages and the services that The Mortgage Depot provides, as SEO experts, our team saw lots of opportunities where pages could be improved from a content perspective. By doing this, we were helping to strengthen the page, pushing it up in the search engine results and improving its rankings, this would then hopefully encourage more customers to click onto the website and find out more. We improved The Mortgage Depot pages by amending and improving the content, we use an industry leading SEO tool to do this – SurferSEO. SurferSEO focuses on improving website content, strengthening online brands and increasing organic traffic. Before improving the website pages, we went through the site to find out which pages were most relevant and would have the best chance of making a positive impact on the website’s rankings and clicks. So we also carried out a range of research including keywords, related and semantic terms and competitor research.

Technical SEO Work

Next on SEO plan was some technical work, as The Mortgage Depot already had a range of relevant pages and blogs, which we had worked on improving for SERPs, the next way to move forward was to provide internal linking. Internal linking helps to connect content throughout the website, this allows search engines to understand the structure of the web pages and the best way for it to crawl them. By internally linking pages together, stronger web pages can support other pages, helping to improve their rankings. Internal linking also benefits users as it improves their experience by making it much more easier for them to navigate through the website.

Link Outreach

The link outreach part of The Mortgage Depot’s SEO plan included outreach to links which will help to promote the website’s current strength, this will then hopefully have an overall positive effect on the site’s Google rankings. The Outrank SEO team created a link plan for The Mortgage Depot’s website, after assessing their current link profile, we saw a number of ways in which we could improve their link strength. The link outreach that we carried out included citations, paid links and Bing Maps and Google My Business listings.

Citations bring up all the places where your company is listed online, it’s important that all citation information is correct and up to date as having established citations will help to boost your company’s online presence and overall support your search engine results. Paid links include competitor backlinks and paid directory submissions, they are designed to improve your presence as well as support your site’s referral traffic. Bing Maps and GMB listings aim to improve a company’s local search presence online, as well as provide more exposure and presence on the web. These listings also provide a range of useful statistics such as how many people visit your website or call you directly through the listing.

These areas of link outreach will help to enhance a website’s organic visibility on Google and also allow their visibility to improve and help to attract more qualified traffic, this will then increase leads and online enquiries.


Jon was looking to take his website and mortgage company further, and he was super pleased to come across Outrank. He put his trust in our team and we provided fresh SEO techniques that aimed to improve The Mortgage Depot’s online visibility, rankings and brand awareness. Working closely with Jon and this team allowed us to go further and support the company’s online growth with responsive SEO content and internal linking as well as a SEO link campaign. Are you ready to go further online? Then why not contact a member of our team today!

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