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The National Association of Caravan Owners (NACO)

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With the global pandemic forcing more and more people to vacation at home and travel around the UK, The National Association Of Caravan Owners reached out to Outrank to see how we could help them expand their already growing business. With the main focus of their site being static caravans and caravan insurance, we were confident that through a carefully thought-out SEO strategy, we could help move them from their current ranking position, which for Static Caravan Insurance was #45.


How This Project Found Its Way To Outrank

Being founded in 1996, The National Association of Caravan Owners has always been the go-to place for clients to find everything they need regarding static caravans, whether you are looking for static caravans to buy or high-quality static caravan insurance, they are the right option for you across the UK. After struggling for several years due to a small minority of clients suggesting they were a fake business, the decision was made to find a company that could help with their online presence.

After coming across Outrank and conversing with one of our account managers, NACO’s director decided to harness our team to help expand their website through an SEO strategy. Knowing that the main term they wanted to focus on was ‘Static Caravan Insurance’, we began to pull together our strategy.


SEO & Domain Rating Strategy

The first thing we want to mention when it comes to pulling together this strategy is that it does differ slightly from other plans we have done but the client has their website developer who was happy to work on their technical issues. As we had agreed with the client to send a technical audit of their site to the developer, we started our strategy there. Running the tech audit allowed us to highlight some main technical issues that needed to be fixed.

Our SEO team sat down with the account manager and discussed what we wanted to target, deciding on the term “Static Caravan Insurance’ for which the client’s website already ranked in position #45 on Google. One of the main points we discussed with the client was the website platform that their site was on when they came to Outrank. We discussed that we could work with the SEO and content but that the site itself could have been better. The client took this feedback on board and decided to get a new website.

One of the first projects we worked on was correcting the H-tag issues across the site and then carrying out keyword research to pull optimised content together. We aimed to work in a way that closely monitored the competitors of NACO. Through this, we were able to create engaging and optimised content for the whole website. Through the content, we worked on the main landing pages and the homepage to establish well-written content that will hook the users of NACO’s website. Then, from this point, it is a little unusual.

NACO had a conversation with their account manager and requested that they were the ones to upload the content due to them having a particular way they wanted their website to look. We agreed as working closely with clients is something we strive for with all of our projects.

This worked well moving forward because their SEO consultant wrote the content and provided all of the information needed for the pages, including internal linking structures and metadata, allowing them to upload our optimised content in a way that would only help the pages.

In-house, we provided the highest quality content and strong links pointing to the website’s main URLs and supporting content, passing strength around the site organically. Working with backlinks, we managed to bring the domain rating of The National Association Of Caravan Owners up from 32 to 40, which is a significant uplift for a site over less than a year and increased referring domains from 209 up to 265.


The Results Speak For Themselves

Having worked with NACO for just short of a year, we made some great strides with this client, positively developing their domain rating and helping them rank for around 11,000 keywords, from a starting point of 7,576 when we began our SEO project with NACO. The most significant term movement we are incredibly proud of is ‘static caravan insurance’. When we began working with this client, they ranked #45. Today, NACO ranks #5 for this term. Putting them nearly at the top of the first page, we will work to push this term further to the top in the coming months.

If you have a project you would like us to work on, please reach out to our team today. Our account managers are always happy to discuss the services our SEO consultants and development team can provide you with. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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