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There has been an age-old debate of print marketing vs web, but what if the two could go perfectly together. Well with a printer the answer is the perfect blend of both and Wensum Print really understood the need for a strong online presence. One of the great things about Wensum Print is we have worked with them for years, they use us and we use them; it’s the perfect relationship really.

This isn’t the first website we’ve built for Wensum Print either, we built their previous one too. But, as with anything things become dated and don’t have the appeal they once did and search had become so prominent on the website that is was simply time for something new and more representative of who Wensum Print are now.

Bold New Website

Just because we work closely with Wensum Print doesn’t mean we treat them any differently to our other clients, they still receive the same great service and all the same processes and quality checks are followed. With the web design, we really wanted to create something that was striking and really in your face, just like print media would be; so basically the print version of a website.

Using a combination of vibrant colours, striking imagery and bold wording allowed us to capture who Wensum Print truly are. Because Wensum Print already ranked so well on search, it was really important we took our time with the build to ensure nothing was missed; no one wants a great looking website that doesn’t rank. Our passion for web design fuelled the build and allowed us to create a website we are proud to showcase.

A Strong Search Presence

Before even building a new website, we had worked with Wensum Print for many years carrying out monthly SEO for them. Over this time Wensum Print quickly became the dominant printer in the Norwich and Norfolk area. Achieving both ‘Printers Norwich’ and ‘Printers Norfolk’ as a first-page position on Google only made easier for us to branch out into the services they provided.

From business cards to leaflets, Wensum Print is your one-stop print shop online. But why stop there? Just because you’re based in Norwich doesn’t mean you can’t branch out into other areas further afield and that’s exactly what we did. We’d already laid some great SEO foundations, so the only way for us to go was out, then up.

Expanding Out Into New Terrritory

Expanding out into new territory can be a nervy game, you’re working with customers who might not know you so well and maybe your brand isn’t that strong in the area but why should that stop you? Before we even decided on a new location, we needed to do our research; search only works well when you’re targeting things that will actually make a difference to a business.

Firstly we looked closest to Norwich but there wasn’t a lot in terms of people searching which is understandable when it’s only villages or small towns, however somewhere we did pick up on was Ipswich. So, from there we took to SEMrush and LSI Graph and carried out in-depth keyword research to find the best terms to target in the area of Ipswich.

Once we’d decided on which services to start pushing in Ipswich, we used the Norwich pages as a base and replicated out the pages to start gaining a presence in Ipswich and over the following months we continued refining the content. Once again we have had great success in the results seen, with terms such as ‘Business Cards Ipswich’ and ‘Posters Ipswich’ ranking of the first page of Google.

A Bright Future for Wensum Print with SEO

We believe the future is bright for Wensum Print and their SEO campaign. Over the years we have only ever seen continued growth and we hope to continue to build on that. One of the best things to come out of working with Wensum Print is the friendships we have built with people such as Ollie and the rest of the team there.

Just like any other campaign, we are already planning for what the future holds and have a number of key terms to continue pushing and new areas to focus on. When a business like Wensum Print sees the potential for growth there really is no stopping them and we’ll be there alongside them on that journey too.

Relationship Driven Sucess

Sucess is driven on the relationships we build and it’s proven by the relationship we have with Wensum Print and the results we have gained. With a SEMrush graph that’s through the roof and a business that’s succeeding at what they do, what more could you want? So if you’re a local printer, don’t be afraid of the web, embrace it and see what it can for your business. Ready to chat? Just get in touch with one of our team at Outrank today.

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