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We attracted 14k monthly visitors with a single blog for leading chef recruitment agency ChefShare.

Monthly Blog Visitors

The Challenge


Chefshare Recruitment is in the business of making perfect matches between chefs and kitchens across the UK. Despite their deep industry knowledge and a solid base in Google My Business, they were facing a dilemma many businesses encounter — their website wasn’t showing up where it mattered most in search engine rankings.


This was a big problem for them. Chefshare needed their services to be easily discoverable, ensuring they could connect with more people who needed them. That’s when they decided to take action, seeking a solid content strategy to make their website stand out and capture the attention it deserved.

The Strategy


We knew we needed to get smart and think out of the box with Chefshare’s strategy, which hinged on understanding exactly who they needed to reach and how. This started with pinpointing the specific terms and phrases their target audience—restaurants looking for chefs and chefs seeking opportunities—might use in online searches.


From this, we zeroed in on creating a series of blog posts. Blogs offer a dual advantage: not only can they be great for SEO, but also for demonstrating Chefshare’s depth of knowledge and passion for the culinary industry. Starting with three blogs, each was crafted to improve search engine rankings and to be genuinely interesting and valuable to readers.

The Result


The proof was truly in the pudding for ChefShare’s content strategy, especially with one stand out article. Targeted to rank for ‘sous chef,’ a term searched 27.1k times a month, this piece was a deliberate effort to capture high-intent traffic.


Fast forward to the time of writing, the article pulls in 14.2k monthly visitors to the site alone. Success came when this blog post earned a spot in Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) section, which for Chefshare is like a Michelin Star for content.



(The PAA box is a section that appears on Google’s search results page, offering answers to related questions users might have. Landing in this box is a big deal because it means Google recognises the content as a valuable resource – kind of like being given a seal of approval from the search giant itself!)


The outcome of our efforts serves as a testament to the power of crafting content that resonates. For Chefshare Recruitment, the strategy has not only significantly boosted their traffic but also reinforced their status as a key player in the culinary recruitment field.

From the client

“I have been working with Outrank for over 5 years now, from the early days of my business till now they have helped shape and mould my business to what it is today, ranking nationally for key words to great SEO work to help my business become visible to potential clients.


My account manager Antony really takes pride in his work and has worked closely with me helping me through ups and down that we all experience in business. Couldn’t recommend Outrank more – whether you’re looking for your business to grow its online presence, social help or website development, Outrank is the place to go.”

– Phil Heydon, Director

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