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We leveraged a precise PPC campaign to drive significant sales for Promain, one of the UK’s premier industrial paint suppliers.

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The Challenge

Promain is one of our longest-standing clients (and one of the largest industrial paint suppliers in the UK).


Despite their stature and a steady stream of around 30,000 organic visitors per month thanks to a robust SEO strategy, Promain faced a common challenge: converting this impressive traffic into a proportionate increase in sales. In a competitive market, simply attracting visitors wasn’t enough—they needed these visits to translate into tangible revenue.

The Strategy

Recognising the need to shift gears from traffic to transactions, we introduced a targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign designed to not only attract quality leads but also convert them efficiently. The strategy was twofold:

Keyword Optimisation: Leveraging deep-dive analytics, we identified high-intent keywords that were most likely to convert visitors into buyers, focusing our budget on these terms to maximise reach and relevance.

Refined Targeting and Retargeting: We employed advanced targeting options to reach potential customers who demonstrated clear buying signals, while also implementing a retargeting strategy to re-engage visitors who hadn’t initially made a purchase.

With a starting budget of £4,000, our campaign was precision-engineered to maximise efficiency from the get-go.

The Results

Our PPC campaign for Promain turned a modest £4,000 investment into an impressive £35,000 in sales within just 30 days. 

A significant part of this success is due to Promain’s extensive lineup of high-quality products. Their offerings are exactly what our targeted buyers are looking for, making Promain an ideal candidate for PPC. The campaign effectively matched ready-to-purchase customers with the perfect products, showcasing how a great product line can amplify the impact of a smart advertising strategy.

Encouraged by these results, Promain is set to further capitalise on this success by increasing their PPC budget. The plan is to broaden the reach of our precision-targeted ads, further honing our strategy based on the insights we’ve gained. This will not only help maintain the campaign’s strong performance but also extend it, driving more sales by continuing to connect high-intent buyers with Promain’s excellent products.

From the client

“Promain has enjoyed a long  partnership with Outrank spanning several years. Stephen and his team of SEO professionals stay ahead of trends, ensuring our websites remain relevant and visible across prominent platforms. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly endorse Outrank to any ecommerce company seeking to elevate their ranking and online presence.”

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