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Setting the Foundation for SKIN App

How we generated 1200+ downloads for newly launched beauty app, SKIN.

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The Challenge


In any agency-client setup, it’s about understanding the problem at hand. Sometimes, the client knows exactly what they need, and other times we discover it together. SKIN was a bit different, though. They had an enviable challenge, the kind you actually want.


Fresh off BBC’s Dragon’s Den, SKIN had landed investment and attention, setting them up with both capital and credibility. Their platform allows users to easily compare prices on beauty products, find the best deals, add items to a virtual ‘shelf’, and see reviews from other users. This creates a comprehensive shopping experience that not only saves money but also informs purchase decisions.




So we have a product with a straightforward solution that meets a real need, an excellent brand, and an enormous level of interest. The question then becomes, what next, or better yet, what first? How do you keep that momentum going and turn all that fresh energy and buzz into sustained growth?

Well, we sat down for coffee and had a chat.

The Strategy


SKIN were working with a pretty solid foundation (pun most definitely intended).

Flinty, one of the co-founders, had done a fantastic job with all things marketing. They had developed a strong brand identity, a good follower base on social media, and designed an app that was both user-friendly and effective. This initial groundwork made our strategy planning a breeze.

Our first focus was looking at the website. Given the upcoming exposure on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, we anticipated a significant increase in traffic. It was essential that the website was up to scratch – meaning it had to be fast, reliable and error free. Think of it a bit like planning a big party; you want to make sure your house is clean and everything’s in order before the guests arrive.


SKIN were preparing for their feature on BBC’s, Dragons Den.


So while our tech team was busy cleaning house, we moved towards making sure if people were turning up to the party, they’d show up again.

We do this through retargeting. Imagine someone walking into a shop, browsing around, but leaving without buying anything (or in SKIN’s case, downloading the app). It doesn’t mean they weren’t interested—maybe they got distracted by a phone call or for whatever reason had to step away. Life happens. Our aim is to keep track of these people and gently nudge them to pick up where they left off.

Meta Ads are a key part of this, allowing us to reach a broad audience on both Facebook and Instagram. These ads are tailored to fit seamlessly into users’ feeds, making them feel like a natural part of their daily scroll. To take this further, we use the Meta pixel. The Meta pixel is a small piece of code that our team installs on a website. It tracks visitors’ actions, such as which pages they visit and where they drop off. With the Meta pixel in place, we can create a retargeting audience, showing targeted ads to people who visited the site but didn’t take action.

Our retargeting strategy is rounded off by Google Ads. Google Ads help us put SKIN at the top of search results when people are actively looking for related topics online. By targeting potential users based on their search behavior, we ensure that SKIN remains visible and accessible to those who are interested.

With these pieces were in place, it was now time to let the strategy do its work.

The Results


First off, the website: Knowing that we had to prepare for a significant increase in traffic after Dragon’s Den, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. An initial audit through Semrush showed us that the website’s health was at 79%. Good, but we aimed higher.

Our goal was to ensure the site was bulletproof, able to handle waves of visitors without a hitch. After several targeted improvements, we pushed that score up to 93%.

Now, that’s more like it—a site not just functioning, but one which can flourish under pressure.

The top 10% of websites have 92% Site Health.


Then, the users started pouring in. The show aired, and SKIN announced themselves to the world. Thanks to co-owners Flinty and Ben smashing the pitch and securing investment, 13.5k new users discovered the SKIN app in the first week. We made sure to capture all website visitors for retargeting, ensuring we could engage them with targeted ads and build on our audience insights.


Flinty & Ben smashed it!


So, how did the ad campaigns do? Well, they knocked it out of the park. Our Meta ads alone racked up over 97,000 impressions with 1,054 eager clicks directing potential users to download the SKIN app. As a reminder, these ads exclusively targeted those who had engaged with the brand previously – so that’s 1054 potential missed opportunities we’ve help turn into engaged prospects.

Google Ads delivered impressive results too. From 3,079 clicks, we netted 1,195 app downloads—a 39% conversion rate. While benchmarks can vary by industry, audience, and app type, a 20% conversion rate is commonly cited as good performance, highlighting the strength of our approach.



All these efforts were about one thing—leveraging the post-show momentum in the best possible way. We made sure that the initial surge in interest translated into a steady stream of engaged users. By preparing the website to handle the influx and keeping our new visitors engaged through smart advertising, we turned what could have been a brief spike in traffic into a solid foundation for sustained growth.


What Next?


With such a fantastic start, the possibilities for SKIN are wide open. The brand’s potential and the strong interest it has sparked set the stage for endless opportunities.

Given the clear widespread interest from the initial screening, expanding to cold ad audiences seems the obvious next step. Utilising lookalike audiences based on those we’ve already captured through the pixel can help us reach even more potential users who are likely to be interested in SKIN.

We also see the potential to increase the ad budget— specifically with Google Ads, because why change what’s already working? With a bigger investment, we can drive even greater results and expand SKIN’s reach even further.

Their website is brilliant as it stands, perfectly supporting the current traffic and user engagement. But as SKIN continues to grow, we have some exciting ideas on how to take it even further. Bespoke web design and targeted SEO strategies could drive even more traffic and ensure the site evolves alongside the brand’s expansion.

While our next steps are open-ended, one thing is certain: SKIN is poised for continued success and we’re excited to be part of their journey. The potential is vast, and we’re just getting started.





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