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Oban Whisky and Fine Wines

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Services: SEO

Oban Whisky and Fine Wines first approached Outrank because they wanted to boost their Google rankings and increase the web traffic to their website and were intrigued by our top of the line SEO services. In response, we offered them a full SEO plan to improve their search engine optimisation and build their customer base. 

What They Do

Oban is a Scottish resort town filled to the brim with a variety of distilleries, which puts Oban Whisky and Fine Wine’s in the prime location to get their hands on the newest distillery releases and the best quality whisky, gin, and fine before it reaches the general market. They are constantly on the hunt for new, interesting, and rare products to provide to their loyal customer base of over 2000 people. Their extensive range of 500 different whiskys, gins, and fine wines comes from over 150 different distilleries and often buy directly from private sellers, paying the most recent auction prices from reputable auction houses for old, rare, and collectable whiskys. 

Meeting Outrank

The team at Outrank was approached by Euan from Oban Whisky and Fine Wines in 2021, where they were looking for an SEO service to boost their Google rankings and increase their sites web traffic. They purchased a premium Bizify listing from us, which is an SEO-based business directory that we own and operate. Soon, Oban Whisky and Fine Wines were moving higher in the rankings for Google for the search phrases they wished to target. 

Our SEO Strategy

The SEO strategy was custom made for Oban Whisky and Fine Wines to boost their online presence and improve their Google rankings to achieve more orders through their online store. As suppliers of premium whiskys, gins, and wines, they offer only the best old and rare whisky, collectable whisky ,and whisky gift sets to their customers as well as their high end Scottish gins and a variety of fine wines, it was important for them to establish their reputation online and attract customers who are looking for their specific niche. 

Optimising Content

Our brilliant SEO team at Outrank came up with a custom plan for Oban Whisky and Fine Wines to help them boost their online presence and Google rankings. The search engine optimisation plan that our team put together included keyword research and content optimisation that is essential for Google crawlability. Undertaking extensive keyword research, including semantic and related terms, and competitor research, we ensured that Oban Whisky and Fine Wines would improve their Google rankings and be more easily found by customers using several key phrases. 

Looking to the Future

Euan is over the moon with the response he received from our SEO campaign and with the carefully crafted and bespoke content plan Outrank provided. Oban Whisky and Fine Wines has dramatically improved their Google rankings in just a short space of time and has seen a surge in web traffic to their site.