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Google Core Update June 2021

Google Core Update June 2021

Two Part Update Rolled Out Over June/July 2021

Over June and July, Google is going to be rolling out a two part update. The first part began its roll out last week. This part is the June 2021 Core Update and we should expect to see the second part next month.

Google last did a core update in December 2020, so it’s been around 6 months since the last core algorithm update. Prior to that, the update before was in May 2020. So, historically, Google’s updates have been rolled out 6-7 months of each other but this one will be coming in two parts over the next month or so.

Why Is Google Pushing Out Two Core Updates?

The main reason for the update to be coming in two parts is because some of the improvements are simply not ready to be released at the moment. So, rather than postponing the update, it’s been put out in two parts so that the first part of the improvement can start to make its impact.

The Latest Google Updates

With any update, it is common to see an impact when it first rolls out. It may not affect each industry right away, but it is known to see rankings go up or down at first while the update rolls in. 

It is important to give the update a chance to settle as rankings can influx shortly afterwards. This applies to all Google updates. If you have seen an impact in the June update, it is possible that it will reverse itself once the July core update rolls out. 

Be patient and wait for the update to settle before reacting. The likelihood is that the impact will reverse in the July update, meaning this update will also need time for the impact to truly show.

About The June/July Core Update

This update will impact the globe, meaning all languages and countries should expect to see a change from this core update. It will take around two weeks to properly roll out and Google will confirm once it has been completed.

When Will We Know More About the July Update?

At the moment, Google will update us in July around the time of the update. Any announcements or release updates can be found on their Twitter account.

For more information about Google’s latest core updates, be sure to check out their Twitter accounts. You will be able to find out the latest information and they even have a support account, so should you have any questions you can tweet them.

What Do I Do If My Business Is Hit From the June/July Update?

Please do not panic if you find that your business has been hit by the core updates in June/July. A negative impact may not mean that there is anything wrong with the page, it may just be taking time to take effect. So if you do see a drop in rankings try not to worry.

There is an article by Google that explains how the updates improve search results. This covers why the core updates are important and how they make search better. 

If you do believe that your website has been affected by Google’s core update, take a moment to let the impact settle and try not to react right away. Each update is new for us all, so it’s important to give it time to adjust before we respond.