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Cane Industries have been a client of ours for some time now. They are a furniture company based in Luton, Bedfordshire who sells living sets, dining sets, recliners, cushions plus much more throughout the UK. This has allowed us to explore many different avenues with their marketing.

Supporting a Furniture Company With Their National Campaign

Having worked with Jonathan from Cane Industries for some time now, we have developed a great relationship with him. We have been able to get a good feel for their brand, the products they offer as well as understand their needs for marketing and how they wish to take their business further.

Their target audience is focused on a national level for those looking to buy furniture online, meaning that we work and continue to work to get them found for searches such as ‘cane cushions’, ‘cane sofa covers’ and ‘wicker manufacturers’ in the UK.

Our Relationship with Cane Industries

We have a great working relationship with Jonathan over at Cane Industries. So much so, we even manage SEO for their sister company The Cushion Guys. Our case study on The Cushion guys can be found here. Between the two companies and websites, we are currently working on both SEO campaigns and have built a new website for Cane Industries. For some time now, we have been working closely with Jonathan and have developed a great understanding of the business’s needs as well as creating a strategy and direction for achieving Cane Industries’ short and long term goals.

Research and Understanding

Whenever a new SEO campaign comes on board or we build a new website, we always compile an onboarding document or website handover to understand the client’s intentions and requirements. An SEO onboarding document will highlight their main services, the locations or even any USPs that could help with the campaign. Within our onboarding document, we also complete various amounts of research to capture the current performance of their website and SEO, as this will help to review any future growth or performance. Should you be looking for an SEO company, our specialists at Outrank will be happy to talk through your options.


Search engine optimisation is built on three core foundations, technical, links and content. These three points are the three main components to enhancing and improving your SEO campaign. It’s important to ensure that you completely understand the process of SEO, what’s involved and what’s required in order to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.

The ongoing SEO campaign that we have built for Cane Industries has allowed us to work on the technical side of the site, working on the link campaign to boost their domain rating etc and the content within the website to ensure that it is formatted correctly and targets the correct terms or products.

Website Design

We have recently built a new website for Cane Industries. This allowed us to focus on our clients’ intentions for the site, which in this case was to drive traffic to the website for sales of their furniture. We were able to design a new website for the customer that reflects their brand well, showcase their products and offers clear navigation for travelling throughout the site.

Their new website perfectly highlights the products that they offer as well as offering a smooth experience for navigating through the website. Their website offers a range of furniture, replacement cushions and accessories, so no matter what you’re looking for furniture wise for your home, rest assured that Cane Industries will have what you need.

Success Story

The results for Cane Industries speak for themselves, we have been able to maintain their SEO campaign, build a new website for their company as well as have their sister company on board for SEO. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Cane Industries and working together to see what the future of their SEO campaign holds!

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